eBay Watch: Hey, Batter Batter! Swing!

This Week: Boy, did we hit a home run on eBay. We found some must-have souvenirs to keep you rooting for your baseball team as the playoffs heat up.

Ah...The crisp smell of Autumn is in the air and the baseball season is quickly heading towards its annual World Series showdown. Will the Red Sox defy all logic and luck and win their second penant in a row? Will the beloved/hated Yankees be able to justify their $3 trillion payroll for the first time in years? Will the Angel win again while fans doze off due to boredom? We aren't into predictions (although someone at ECG finally won their weekly football pool last week for the first time in three years...), so we'll spare you.

That being said, you can root, root, root for the home team with plenty of sports memorabilia courtesy of - you guessed it - eBay.

Considering how popular Boston Red Sox outfielder Johnny Damon has becomes (many Neanderthal women think he's simply hunky), we're going to start with him. Forget about sporting his jersey. Show your true fan love with a Johnny Damon refrigerator magnet.
Let Johnny guard your
frozen vegetables.

As the seller says, it's a perfect stocking stuffer. Or, do they mean "sox" stuffer?

Feeling a bit spiritual? Are you a "Damon Disciple," as seller red sox 14 puts it? If so, then step up to the batter's box and score your very own "WWJDD" t-shirt. That's right, What Would Johnny Damon Do?

We're curious to know if one would wear this shirt outside of the ballpark. What would Johnny do in the supermarket? Which grade of gas would he get for his car? Would he rather watch CSI or The Apprentice? We don't know what he'd do, frankly.

So, you're a pinstripes fan? Well, then you must love that Derek Jeter! Show your appreciation for the Golden Boy of New York with the "Derek Jeter Priceless" t-shirt. Who wouldn't be proud to wear a pre-shrunk cotton tee that says, "Bottle of wine...$75. Candlelight dinner for two...$120. Spending the evening with Derek Jeter...Priceless?"

Now, we're pretty sure this shirt isn't endorsed by Mr. Steinbrenner, Mr. Jeter or the kind folks over at Visa. And we're definitely sure dinner for two in New York City ain't gonna cost ya 120 bucks, either.

Not good enough for you? Well, the same seller is selling a "Derek Jeter Does a Body Good" t-shirt as well.

Are you the next Mrs. Jeter?

We're a g-rated show here, so we'll leave it at that.

If you're lonely and have no one to watch the playoffs with, why not invite Derek over? Well, not the REAL Derek, but a 7-1/4" X 10" "window cling" of his Yankee mug.

Just make sure you don't stick this thing on your car's window and try to get through the carpool lanes unnoticed by the fuzz. It won't work.

Real baseball fans know that the San Diego Padres are usually a pretty crappy team. This year is no different. Well, actually it is. They made the playoffs - with a .500 record. Seriously. Sad, isn't it?

Anyway, we figure watching paint dry or time pass by is more exciting than a Padres game. Luckily, we found this Padres wall clock for auction on eBay this week. Watch as the seconds tick by for your team's season to be over for only - ha! - $.01.

Seller lwwdad says, "This clock is just the ticket, for the fan who doesn't want to be late for any Padre playoff games." What a funny guy!

Finally, for those Angel fans who can't make it to the ballpark, why not drink yourself silly this weekend with an authentic Angels drinking cup? Yep, it's one straight from Angels Stadium (or whatever they call it).

With a standing 99 cent bid, you shouldn't have too much trouble scoring this mug for your collection.

Tick. Tock. Your season's shot.

And, we're outta here!

News? Anyone? News?
We're sending one of our lucky writers to eBay U next week in New York City at the beloved Javits Center. We're hoping he eventually gets a cab out of there. We know how it is. Anyway, learn all about running a business on eBay or just how to get in on the auction action. We were also informed that Jim "Griff" Griffith, the over-caffeinated eBay guru, is holding two fireside chats during the mini convention.

Things are getting wild at eBay headquarters this week. Among the spectacular news is that the eBay Motors header has been re-designed. Among the changes listed are:

The same personalized greeting and transactional alerts that will appear directly underneath the header; a Search box that will show within the header consistently on every page on eBay Motors; Moving the My eBay link into the main navigation area within the black band, instead of above it; Renaming the Browse button to Buy and Adding a link to the Community area above the black band.

Finally, moving along with its revamped feedback system, Brian Burke, Senior Manager of eBay Marketplace Policy, announced this week changes have been made to eBay's feedback manipulation policy. It seems some sneaky people have been selling cheapo items to build up their feedback and then move immediately to big ticket items. Their day has come, apparently.

Devin Comiskey is the Managing Editor of ECommerce-Guide.com. He couldn't care less about the playoffs this weekend as he's still jaded from the last player's strike (and he has a soft spot for those sucky Mets).

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