Vendio's Dealio Toolbar Out of Beta, Searches eBay

A new version of Dealio, a comparison shopping toolbar from Vendio, was launched this week. The toolbar, which debuted in beta release in early August, now incorporates eBay auction listings in its search results.

A new version of Dealio, a comparison shopping toolbar from Vendio that offers consumers a fully-automated and intuitive way to find the best deals on the Web, launched this week. The toolbar, which originally debuted in beta release in early August, now incorporates eBay auction listings in its search results. Given that Vendio's history is strongly tied to its eBay listing utilities, this new feature appears to be a logical progression of the toolbar's development.

Vendio is a popular provider of merchant services including eBay product galleries and Web hosting.

The Dealio Toolbar operates unobtrusively within a consumer's Web browser and reportedly provides coverage for millions of products from tens of thousands of online merchants of all sizes without requiring consumers to visit a Web site each time they want to conduct a search. The Dealio Toolbar is also the first comparison shopping engine to incorporate auction and fixed-price listings from eBay sellers, further expanding the range of prices for consumer electronics. The Dealio Toolbar also searches the latest deals from many of the largest online retailers, including major brands such as Sony Style, Wal-Mart, Target,, Circuit City, OfficeMax, Dell, Best Buy, and RitzCamera.

We downloaded the beta version of the Dealio Toolbar and found that it worked exactly as advertised. We searched for televisions and digital cameras at, and - each item page resulted in an immediate alert. The installation process was simple and quick.

Vendio is quick to point out that the Dealio Toolbar is not adware or spyware. The toolbar does not record consumers' individual Web movements or adversely affect system or Internet connection performance, and it does not generate pop-ups or any other advertising on a consumer's computer, unlike some other shopping utilities.

The Dealio Toolbar travels with consumers while shopping for products online, providing related comparative shopping data along the way. It claims to provide the best deals with less effort, delivering precise product pricing information in the most convenient, timely and intuitive way. The process is entirely democratic, says Vendio, since merchant product inclusion is free and product search results are listed by lowest total price first, including tax and shipping.

"Most other comparison shopping solutions provide only paid product listings and direct consumers to the merchants who are paying the most, not necessarily those providing the best value to the consumer. This practice often confuses people and lowers satisfaction levels among both consumers and merchants," says Vendio.

"The Dealio Toolbar is a great example of 'compareware' — a smart, user-friendly utility that accompanies consumers while they shop online and presents them with lower cost alternatives in a convenient and unintrusive manner," said Rodrigo Sales, founder and CEO and of Vendio, in a written statement. "Existing comparison shopping engines require consumers to travel to their Web sites and also tend to confuse them by presenting search results based on how much a merchant is paying to be listed, rather than highlighting the best deal available. Dealio is a time- and money-saving toolbar that meets consumers' shopping search needs far more effectively."

The Dealio Toolbar is free to consumers and is quick and easy to install and use. After downloading and installing the Dealio Toolbar, you see the Dealio logo added to the navigation bar near the top of the their browser. Dealio requires no additional space on the screen during normal browsing. Once you locate a specific item while shopping online, however, the Dealio Toolbar automatically alerts you to the lowest prices on the Web for that item. The goal of the toolbar, according to Vendio, is to bring prices to the consumer, thereby eliminating the need to spend the time required to visit a comparison shopping site and conduct a product search.

Among its capabilities, the Dealio Toolbar now displays prices from eBay in addition to those from online retailers. eBay listings appear in separate tabs, organized by fixed price versus auctions so that shoppers can easily compare prices among listings of the same type. Vendio says this process includes both an automated algorithm and human review to ensure Dealio Toolbar customers receive a complete set of relevant eBay search results while filtering out items that would otherwise distract them from their intended purchases.

The Dealio Toolbar is currently only available for Windows Internet Explorer. However, the company told ECommerce Guide in August that Firefox and Macintosh version are in development and will be released at a later date. The toolbar is free to all.

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