Product Blocks Click Fraud in Real Time

New click fraud filter from Click Forensics helps e-tailers and ad networks improve traffic quality.
Click Forensics, Inc., a provider of click fraud prevention solutions, recently announced the availability of Click Forensics for Publishers. The new product allows online publishers and ad networks to automatically block sources of click fraud and poor-quality traffic from hitting pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements running on their sites, according to the company. Similar to a spam filter, the product filters out click fraud and other low quality traffic in real time so publishers can improve the overall quality of the traffic they pass through to advertisers.

Using patent-pending analytics and live campaign data from the Click Fraud Network, Click Forensics for Publishers identifies sources of click fraud and poor quality traffic, the company says. Information is updated in real-time as data is continuously gathered from live advertising campaigns tracked across various search engines, content networks and publishers. Specific data tailored to the needs of the individual publisher or ad network is then provided via an API so intelligent filtering decisions can be made.

The service from Click Forensics was developed in response to the growing threat search engines, ad networks and publishers face from savvy fraudsters. Recently, it was reported that advertisements running on Google's search engine were compromised by malware, demonstrating the degree of sophistication fraudsters have achieved.

One of the first ad networks using the service is adMarketplace, the company that runs the advertising campaigns for eBay merchants. "Within weeks of using the new service from Click Forensics, we significantly improved the traffic quality and conversion rates for our advertisers," James Hill, adMarketplace CEO, said in a statement. "The best part is the service automatically provides regular updates on our traffic sources, which protects our advertisers and improves the overall quality of our Pay Per Click Exchange."

"As the competition for high quality traffic heats up and as search engines, ad networks and publishers become targets of more sophisticated fraud schemes, they need to ensure the traffic they deliver is of the highest quality," Tom Cuthbert, president and CEO of Click Forensics, Inc. says. "Click Forensics for Publishers does just that by helping provide the best quality traffic possible."

Click Forensics for Publishers is available now. For more information, visit the product page.

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