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The new “ValueRange It” search tool helps sellers find previous pricing on products to help them determine a starting bid or reserve price., an online seller's resource for valuing and organizing household items and collectibles has launched a new tool called “ValueRange It”. This new tool, which is an added feature for iTaggit customers, can help sellers by providing a value range for any item.
Using ValueRange helps sellers determine an opening or reserve selling price for their products.
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The ValueRange It tool, according to Amanda McGuckin Hager,’s director of marketing, uses proprietary technology to sift through recent price data on millions of items to determine an accurate value range. 

According to Hager, iTaggit has always offered a value tool, but ValueRange It has recently been updated and is now a more prominent part of the site’s services. She describes the new tool as a search engine for understanding item value.

How It Works

On the iTaggit site, you simply type the product details in to the ValueRange It search box. To obtain the best results, you should be descriptive when searching—but not too specific.  For example, you could enter in phrases like 2002 Gibson Les Paul Guitar or Madame Alexander Doll, leaving out details like a specific color.

ValueRange It will scan the Internet, largely drawing on closed eBay listings to generate low, average and high values for the item.  For the most part, the different values will help you figure out what price you can expect to get for your item, taking in to account the item's history and condition. You can also refine your ValueRange It results for a completely customized value range for your specific item.

Based on the ValueRange It results, you can use the data to help determine the best minimum or starting bid price.

Hager cautions sellers that a tool like ValueRange It cannot take the place of certified appraisals for items like real estate, cars, or high-end gold jewelry.

“For most other items, the tool can provide online sellers with price data to help them make smart decisions when trying to decide what to do with their belongings—be it sell, insure, donate, or simply track prices over time,” she said.

Integration with Other iTaggit Services

You can access the ValueRange It search engine for research purposes, but the tool is also integrated with Itaggit’s other online selling services. 

The tool’s “Sell It” function lets you post item with a description and photos or video, and then broadcast them to multiple online marketplaces and social networks, as frequently as desired.  Supported platforms include Craigslist, eBay, Facebook and Oodle.

Consumers and homeowners can also use the ValueRange It tool and iTaggit’s other online services to track valuables and item prices for insurance purposes.

Pricing and Availability

Itaggit offers several subscription choices, which provide a set number of items you can have in your account and a number of ValueRange IT uses. The basic account, at $19.99 per year, lets you post up to 20 items and access ValueRange It 20 times. The $9.99 per month account offers unlimited items stored in your Itaggit account and 25 ValueRange IT uses per month.

iTaggit also offers a free account that lets you post one item on iTaggit and access ValueRange IT three times so you can test the service and see how it works before subscribing.

Vangie Beal is a veteran online seller and frequent contributor to She is also managing editor of You can tweet with her online @AuroraGG.

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