Why Do Customers Leave? Get Answers with Feedback Analytics

Kampyle’s feedback-analytics service helps e-tailers find out why customers abandon carts and leave their Web site.

It is virtually unheard of to operate an e-commerce Web site and to not use some type of analytics to better understand how your customers find you and browse your online shop. One thing Web site analytics lacks, however, is the ability to tell you where customers have problems on your site.

For example, if you see a high bounce rate on your check-out page, you can assume there is a problem, but you don't know if it is because of buggy or hard-to-maneuver cart pages, or if customers simply do not like your shipping prices.

To help e-tailers better understand their customers, Kampyle offers on-demand (SaaS) feedback-form analytics — which are designed to encourage customers to open the lines of communication and tell you exactly why they did not convert from a visitor to a buyer on your site.

The Kampyle Feedback Form dashboard offers real-time reports so you can identify any needed Web site changes.
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Feedback Analytics: How it Works for Merchants

When you use Kampyle Feedback Form, you have the option to customize the look and feel of your feedback forms to better fit your site, and you can also create multiple feedback forms for different locations of your Web site to include relevant questions for each page.  You may want to have different forms for different sections, such as the product or site search, the shopping cart and other important landing pages and offers.

Kampyle’s feedback forms are available to the customer to click on from the lower-right hand corner of a page. The small image includes text that invites the customer to give feedback. It is a very non-intrusive solicitation, and it allows customers to choose whether and when to start a communication dialog with a merchant.

On some pages, merchants can also make use of “smart pop-ups”.  Here, merchants created custom feedback forms for use on specific pages and specific user actions, like at the check-out page or for use on a special landing page. You use analytical data to customize the pop-up to a specific customer and location. For example, customers who are logged in and abandon their carts might be good candidates to receive a smart pop-up, as they can be personalized and relevant to individual customers and their purchasing habits.

When customers click the feedback button they receive a simple and quick form to fill out. They can rate your service, or report issues with using the Web site. Since the form is eye-catching and short, customers can fill it out quickly and are more apt to leave their feedback since it doesn’t take a lot of their time.

Controlling the Message and Analytic Data

Kampyle’s service is very simple to set-up. Some merchants can have the feedback analytics up and running on a live site in just five minutes. You will also have access to an in-depth dashboard from which you can monitor feedback, reply to customers and track results to see which aspects of your Web site can be edited to make the site more user-friendly.

According to Ariel Finkelstein, CEO of Kampyle, more than 60 percent of the people who fill out the feedback forms leave their real e-mail address so you can engage them with meaningful dialog when you follow up by e-mail.

Kampyle Feedback Forms are easy for customers to use, and merchants can customize them to fit their Web-site layout and design.
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Feedback left by a customer is automatically organized into categories and the service provides site owners with real-time reports so you can analyze the data and identify any changes needed on your site.

The Kampyle service also makes it easy for you to reply to customer feedback.  You can contact the customer individually, or the service lets you send out the same response to multiple recipients in cases where you have customers reporting the same problem on the site. The administrator could also forward the feedback to the appropriate department (e.g. sales or IT) for a response.

Several Kampyle subscription plans also include Google Web Analytics integration. Google Analytics can help you determine a customer's browsing session — you can measure Web site activity. The integration with Kampyle Feedback Forms will show you what people are saying about the Web site activities you see in Google Analytics.

Kampyle Pricing and Availability

Kampyle offers a range of packages to suit any size site and budget.  The Bronze plan at $99 per month includes three feedback forms, 200 feedback items, SSL Encryption and basic reporting.  The Silver plan, which the company recommends for most small businesses runs $249 per month and includes five feedback forms, 500 feedback items, SSL Encryption, advanced reporting and one-click integration with Google Analytics.

The company also offers a free plan with one feedback form, 50 feedback items and basic reporting. New subscribers can try a 15-day free trial, and Kampyle is currently running a promotion where you get two months of service free when you subscribe to an annual plan. You’ll find full pricing details for all five plans on the company’s Web site.

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