How to Pick the Right Web Host Provider

This buyers' guide provides everything you need to know to choose the right Web host provider for your small business ecommerce site.

Trying to choose a provider to host your small business ecommerce site can be a daunting, detailed process. But it's important to understand exactly what you're buying -- and what's hidden in the fine print. After all, the fate of your entire business can depend on you making the right choice. This buyers' guide provides everything you need to know -- Small Business Computing has the complete story.

There are few service providers (except perhaps for lawyers) who are the subject of more derision than Web hosting providers. Indeed, ask any three business owners who have used the same Web hosting company (or read any online reviews) and you're likely to get very different opinions.

Some of the most common complaints among small business owners about Web hosting companies: the customer service sucked; their Web site went down or was unavailable for an unacceptable amount of time; and all the hidden fees.

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