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Is Leveraging E-Business the Path to Success?
According to some, e-business represents a major paradigm shift in the business world that companies ignore at their own peril.
Net Users Worldwide Taking Commerce Online
In between dot-bomb jokes and pink-slip parties, it's easy to forget that Internet use is still growing at a pretty good clip worldwide, and more users means more e-commerce transactions.
Profiting from Seasonal Coupons and Hot Deals!
Now is a great time to increase affiliate commissions by offering your visitors seasonal coupons, special offers and deals available exclusively to the Internet bargain hunter.
A Search Engine of Your Own
If you think that adding search to your site means rolling up your sleeves and hacking together a crawler, indexer and database system, think again. A number of companies offer "plug and play" ser...
E-Tailers Have Shipping All Wrong
Shipping and handling (S&H) charges have dissuaded 63 percent of consumers from completing online purchases, according to Jupiter Media Metrix, but 45 percent of retailers say they are losing money...
ECommerce Guide Launches New Design
New site gives readers even more valuable content and resources that are easier to access than ever thanks to an improved interface and navigation.
European E-Tailers Face Regulatory, Cultural Barriers
A report by Forrester Research recommends European retailers consider local barriers and consumer experience when planning online strategies.
Checking Out Shopping Carts
Some ECTalk members discuss key capabilities of a complete and effective shopping cart system.
Most CRM Projects Remain in Planning Phase
CRM has moved from concept to reality, but market maturity is still pretty far away, according to a study by The Data Warehousing Institute that found almost three-quarters of companies have not ye...
Searching for Your Own Domain
Thinking of registering your own domain name? With more than 35 million domain names registered worldwide, you're going to have to do some creative thinking and skillful searching to find a name ...
Common Mistakes of Affiliates
If you're not generating much revenue from your affiliates, it could be due to some common errors.
Bright Futures
If Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is to be believed then the dot-com downturn has hardly killed e-business.
Travel Sites Lead E-Commerce into Summer
Call it a sign that summer is coming. Research into the top e-commerce sites of April by netScore and Diameter found seven travel sites among the top 20. Business-supply sites also did well.
How to Achieve Super Affiliate Status
How to take your affiliate program from "ordinary" to "extraordinary."
E-Commerce Trudges Through Current Slowdown
Like just about everything else related to the Internet, the pace of the growth in the online retailing sector has slowed, but U.S. online retail sales will still reach $104 billion in 2005, accord...
Develop an Opt-in E-mail List
Mailing lists are a very popular way to create traffic and generate repeat visitors to a Web site, often leading to additional affiliate sales and referrals.
Spring Brings Another Increase in Online Spending
Online shoppers welcomed in spring by increasing e-commerce sales to $4.3 billion in April, up from $3.5 billion in March, according to the NRF/Forrester Online Retail Index.
Where in the World is the Best E-Commerce?
Some of the world's Internet markets are mature, and some are not. Some have near-term potential, and others do not. Before you go starting or expanding your e-commerce plans, a report by META Grou...
eCRM: Is It for You? You Bet.
As the field gets more crowded and the competition grows fiercer, poor customer service and a lack of CRM tools on your site are more than just bad for business. It's unacceptable. CRM technology i...
CRM Adoption Continues at an Aggressive Pace
Maybe it was all the bad publicity surrounding poor customer service, or maybe it's a step toward profitability. But whatever the reason, eMarketer found spending on CRM applications will grow to $...
Search Engine Tips, Part II
Cynthia Arko explores the impact search engines have on affiliate programs in this second article of a two-part series.
Teach Your Customers to Buy With Confidence
It seems that a whole industry has been built around articles warning on the dangers and pitfalls of buying on the Net. That's why we have some points that may help persuade your customers that the...
Canadian Small Businesses Increase E-Commerce
The number of Canadian small businesses connecting to the Internet seems to have leveled off, a survey by SES Research found, but online businesses are buying and selling more online than ever befo...
Online Retailing Shaking Off the Shakeout
The survivors in the e-tailing market have been able to reduce their losses, and now the North American market is expected to grow 45 percent in 2001, reaching $65 billion, according to a ...
Search Engine Tips, Part I
For affiliates, it is important to be listed with the major search engines because they can potentially generate much needed traffic.

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