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Microsoft Steadfast on 'Fair' Offer...for Now
Microsoft exec says it's up to Yahoo to decide outcome of the buyout offer.
Yahoo to Test Google Ads
As it faces down Microsoft's offer, Yahoo begins testing ads from Google to pressure Redmond into upping its bid.
Yahoo Rejects Microsoft Offer...Again
Yahoo is playing hard to get, rebuffing the Microsoft bid yet again, but industry watchers wonder when, and if, a "white knight" will come to the rescue.
Yahoo Details New Ad Sales System
Yahoo kicks up its advertising reach a notch with new AMP service.
Tags: Microsoft, IT, Yahoo, OS
Google to Sell DoubleClick's Search Marketing Unit
Search giant to offload division of recently acquired marketing firm.
Mobile Phone Ads: Potential and Pitfalls
Mobile phone ads can connect brands with consumers at any time of the day and within a specific location, if you make the right call on your strategy.
Tags: IT, Internet, Yahoo, OS
Yahoo Adds Voice to Phone Search
Yahoo unveiled new features to make Web search easier and more relevant to mobile phone users.
Will YouTube Analytics Help Bring in the Cash?
The popular video site announces analytics tools that can help online marketing campaigns.
Tags: IT, OS
Citigroup Counting on Microsoft to Up Yahoo Bid
Citigroup said it is likely Microsoft will raise its $31-per-share offer for Yahoo.
Tags: Microsoft, IT, Yahoo, OS
Zlio Brings Tupperware Party Concept to E-Commerce
Have a few minutes? Set up shop with Zlio and make a few extra hundred bucks a month.
Tags: IT, Internet, OS
eBay Restructures Worldwide, Cuts Jobs
The auction giant trims staff, while quantifying the lay offs as "less than one percent globally."
Tags: IT
eBay Dumps Commission Junction
eBay announced its own affiliate network and ends its partnership with Commission Junction's ValueClick.
Tags: IT, Internet, OS
Indie Music Labels Tuning into E-Commerce
Independent record labels are drumming up support for digital downloads by launching their own online music stores.
Tags: IT, OS
Microsoft, Yahoo Met to Discuss Merger: Report
UPDATED: Will the two companies work out an amicable agreement?
Google to Unveil New Ad Service
Google plans new service that e-tailers can use to manage online ad sales.
Yahoo Buys Some Breathing Room
Behind the scene machinations are in full swing as critical deadlines approach.
Calling All Favorites: Yahoo Unveils Mobile Bookmarking Tool
OnePlace, to be launched in the spring, bookmarks links, news feeds or search results on mobile phones.
Microsoft's Ballmer Still Bullish on Yahoo Bid
The Microsoft CEO says its current bid for Yahoo is a reasonable offer.
It's Settled: eBay and MercExchange End Patent Dispute
EBay and MercExchange have settled a long-running patent lawsuit, ending a fight that prompted a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling.
Google Falls 8 Percent on Ad Fears
comScore cites a 7 percent decline in advertisements viewed on the site during January.
Google to Sell Display Ads in Web Videos
Google has traditionally used AdSense for text-only advertising but said the video program extends its services.
News Corp. in Deal Talks with Yahoo
Could media baron Rupert Murdoch have a Yahoo deal up his sleeve in effort to keep Microsoft at bay?
Move Over Google: Yahoo Connects with T-Mobile
Yahoo's not ready to hang it up yet as it unveils a new service that works on mobile phones.
Yahoo Board Balks At Microsoft Bid
Report says Yahoo demands much more than Microsoft's initial $44.6 billion offer.
Yahoo Investor Meets with Microsoft
A major investor in Yahoo Inc. has met with Microsoft's Steve Ballmer to see if he would raise the $42 billion unsolicited offer for the company, according to reports.

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