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Products of the Year: The Winners Are ...
What products and services had the greatest impact on small businesses in 2003? The readers of E-Commerce Guide, Small Business, and Webopedia pick the best hardware, software and ser...
A View From a Shopping Cart
Ten secrets to shopping cart satisfaction that can enhance a customer's overall experience at your site.
Ensuring Many Happy Returns
During the few weeks just after the holidays, merchants generally see an increase in the number of returned merchandise. While handling returns can be a pricey headache, it does present opportuniti...
Shopping Engine Bidding Gets Smarter has rolled out new technology that changes the way e-commerce merchants bid for placement on the comparison-shopping site.
Lack of Trust Could Impact E-commerce Sales
Concerns about online fraud have led to a greater consumer awareness of the dangers of offering up personal information online. While that's a good thing for consumers, it could possibly be bad for...
E-commerce for the Long Haul
We pit two storefront solutions, Actinic Developer 6.1 and LaGarde StoreFront 6.0, head-to-head to see which one is right for your small e-commerce business.
Moving the Merchandise
Stuck with unwanted seasonal items? Are last year's must-haves this year's stockroom clutter? Here are several techniques for getting rid of those items that are languishing in your warehouse, gett...
Your Web Site: the Next Generation
How future-proof is your Web site? Here's how to prepare for the coming consumer generation -- a group that will, in all likelihood, conduct most of its transactions online?
E-Gov Sites Gaining Ground
The phrase 'good enough for government work' doesn't apply to Web site. A recent study reports that the federal government scored well for customer satisfaction.
Building Travel Packages Priced to Go
The Accovia Selling System Platform is an XML-based system designed to allow travel suppliers, wholesalers and retailers to maximize travel procurement and selling opportunities.
Gotta Keep the Customer Satisfied
According to an international research and consulting firm, you can make customers feel more respected by focusing on six key indicators. to Buy Miva Corp.
In a bid to buff up its offerings for small businesses, search provider announced plans to acquire privately-owned Miva Corp., a leading supplier of e-commerce software and services to...
What Could You Buy With $25K From eBay?
More and more small businesses are becoming aware of what eBay has to offer when it comes to general office supplies, computer hardware and office equipment. eBay wants to build on this awareness, ...
E-Commerce on a Steady Rise
Online pure plays are faring well, while the brick-and-mortar set still struggle to drive online consumers to their offline stores and then back to the Web.
Worms Wreak Havoc
Several worms have been squirming across the Internet creating headaches and work stoppages for large and small businesses alike. Are your computers still vulnerable for attack?
E-tailers Not Resting on Their Laurels
When asked to rate their recent online shopping experiences, e-commerce insiders gave it a barely passing grade. Fortunately, their customers rate them higher.
Cybernet Launches Linux-based E-Commerce Suite
NetMAX Professional E-Commerce Suite and E-Commerce Powerpack are designed to let small and mid-size businesses add online capabilities.
Are You Fully Branded?
After seeing a few years' worth of branding for online sites and services, a few best practices and trends are emerging.
Your Marketing $ucks
Reject everything you think you know about marketing and dare to imagine something different.
Buying New Customers on the Web
Does your online advertising campaign need a kick start? Consider buying new customers or leads interested in your product or service lines.
Yahoo! Adds Site-Building Tool
The portal launches a new site-building tool that enables small and medium-sized businesses to build professional Web sites quickly and easily.
Golden Opportunities
Whether your e-store has the technological capability to suggest an item or not, there are still opportunities to up-sell after the customer completes the transaction and before the order ships.
E-Commerce Role Models
Avoid tech envy by adopting some of the same concepts that work for the e-commerce big boys.
Internet Tax Ban Hits Congressional Fast Track
Bills to permanently extend the current moratorium on Internet access taxes move in House and Senate. However, a moratorium, permanent or otherwise, most likely won't affect the growing movement t...
Macromedia and PayPal Bring Online Transactions to SMBs
Macromedia has incorporated PayPal Merchant tools into Macromedia Contribute 2, its desktop application for Web site maintenance, allowing small businesses to seamlessly integrate e-commerce functi...

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