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E-Commerce Site Design: Fixing Problem Backgrounds
Don't let distracting product image backgrounds backfire by turning off potential customers. We show you how to fix problem backgrounds in a few simple steps so your merchandise shots will entice ...
E-Commerce Design: How to Set Up Web Site Navigation
Our Web shop design doyenne Helen Bradley explains how you can ensure your site's navigation system gets shoppers to the right place every time.
Web Shop Design: Five Makeover Dos and Don'ts
With the New Year underway, it's a perfect time to assess your e-commerce site, both in terms of design and function, and give your Web shop a marvelous makeover.
Web Shop Design: Add Polish to Products with Reflections
Our design doyenne Helen Bradley shows you how to add reflections to product shots in Photoshop.
Web Shop Design: Using Text with Images in Photoshop
No matter how compelling an image is, sometimes you need to add some text to get your branded message across. We show you how.
Web Shop Design: Using Flash Effectively
Our design expert explains the pros and cons of using Flash on your e-commerce site.
Web Shop Design: Putting Color into Action
Our Web site design doyenne outlines everything you need to know about picking and using colors, plus how to manage them in Photoshop and use other related graphics tools.
Web Shop Design: Plugging into Photoshop
Our design doyenne Helen Bradley shows how to add instant functionality to Photoshop with free plug-ins that let you edit product shots and add aesthetic elements.
Five Photoshop Tips for Quick Editing
We outline five ways you can cut down the time it takes to edit and process images in Photoshop.
Web Shop Design: Font Fantastic
Fonts are the core of your site design, so using them wisely is critical. We show you how with tips and tricks for creative — not cluttered — results.
Time is Money: Batch Edit Photos, Boost Bottom Line
Find yourself doing the same edits to multiple product shots over and over again? We show you how to automate the process in a few clicks.
Prepping Product Shots for Web Shops
In our online product image primer, we provide everything you wanted to know about Web graphics but were afraid to ask.
Product Shots that Pop: It's Not About the Pixels
Taking professional-quality product photos is easy if you have the right tools, which by the way, doesn't include a top-notch camera.
Eight Photoshop Tips for Product Shots
You can be a Photoshop expert even if you don't know your eyedropper from your lasso. We show you how to spruce up product shots in eight easy steps.

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