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Strategies in Building Shopper Trust
eBiz Profile: First-time buyers have to feel safe to purchase from your site, especially if they're shopping for high-cost merchandise. Here's how ensures that they do.
Online Software Selling Gets an Overhaul
eBiz Profile: Getting the word out used to be easier for Freeverse Software. But the game maker has learned to cope with new Web marketing challenges and an aging site design.
Simplify Shopping, Speed Fulfillment
eBiz Profile: GatorPack succeeds by shipping orders the day they're placed -- and keeping the entire purchasing and payment processing experience straightforward.
Pro-Level Storefront, Hosting Pays Off
eBiz Profile: Legendary Toys' Web analytics software, its shopping cart program and a quality host improve efficiency for this mom-and-pop site.
Getting Involved with
eBiz Profile: Want to boost sales? Take a cue from how this t-shirt e-tailer leverages visitor interaction.
Seller Beware: Protecting Yourself Against Auction Fraud
Lots of advice exists to help eBay buyers avoid scams -- but what about sellers?
Kidrobot Goes Click-to-Brick
eBiz Profile: An e-tailer sells successfully through the Web -- and broadens its winning formula to the offline world.
Building Customer Relationships with OWC
eBiz Profile: Other World Computing's support and marketing strategies help the small e-tailer succeed in a space dominated by huge players.
High Fashion Meets High Tech at
eBiz Profile: An e-tailer proves that e-commerce can reach successfully across international boundaries.
Chat Up Your Customers
Adding live text chat to your e-commerce site can reduce support costs and boost sales.
Big Changes in Small Payments
What you need to know about micropayments -- technology that can make it practical for e-tailers to process payments for small-ticket items.
Home-Grown Firm Climbs Corporate Ladder
Initially launched as a home-based business, is enjoying healthy growth, thanks in part to its hard core focus on providing excellent service to its corporate clients.
The Odd Couple: E-Tailers and Print Catalogs
As part of a larger trend toward multi-channel integration, some online retailers are beginning to use print catalogs as a way of reaching customers. Will it work for your online business?
Internet Sales Tax: How Small E-Tailers Cope, Part 2
We take a look at how state and local governments are handling online taxes, what it will ultimately mean for small businesses, and the current status of federal legislation.
Internet Sales Tax: How Small E-Tailers Cope, Part 1
Online retailers and industry experts discuss how sales tax impacts e-commerce -- and what's expected for 2004.
Case Study:
Learn how this fine arts site successfully targets a highly affluent audience and maintains a much higher typical purchase price than the average e-commerce site using state-of-the-art Web analytic...
Looking Out for the Little Guys
E-commerce wholesaler has one simple goal: to level the playing field, and enable small businesses to compete with the big boys.
Case Study: West Marine
Using WebSphere as its e-commerce anchor, the mid-sized marine retailer is leveraging the software platform's ability to combine multiple sales channels. Plus, the site shares a few tips and tricks...
Case Study: Alibris
How does a small business compete in a market dominated by e-commerce giants? The CEO of online bookseller Albris talks about surviving as a niche player in a crowded space.
Case Study: MountainZone
This outdoor adventure site uses a basic e-commerce strategy to help it through business peaks and valleys.
Case Study:
This online jewelry craftsman focuses on one-on-one customer service, using an old-fashioned business approach to create e-commerce success.
Case Study:
When one small online pool and spa business wanted to make a bigger splash in site traffic and sales, it turned to the likes of Google and Yahoo!. Netrepreneur Dan Harrison discusses the tips and t...
Case Study: Gamesville
Making your site fun can be good for business, as this pioneering game site proves.
Case Study:
As a small online entrepreneur and early pioneer in e-commerce, Art Munson has had years of success. In this study, he shares the tools and techniques that he's used along the way.
Case Study: MyFamily
On its way to become the leader in the genealogy niche, the site learned some effective selling techniques -- including what it takes to make a subscription model profitable.

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