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Black Friday Results Bode Well for E-commerce Sales
An 11 percent increase over last year’s numbers gives e-tailers an optimistic, if cautious, outlook on the holiday shopping season.
New Cyber Worm Threatens Facebook Security
E-tailers who market through Facebook need to keep abreast of security threats on the social networking site.
Facebook Formalizes Updated Privacy Policy
The social networking company uses clearer, more accessible language to explain its privacy guidelines.
Twitter Sounds Retreat On Retweets
Unexpected problems plaguing Twitter’s native retweeting feature caused the social networking site to pull it for re-tooling.
Twitter Retweets Itself. Will You Benefit?
The micro-blogging site finally builds its own way to retweet messages. Let the controversy begin.
Probe Causes Facebook to Revamp Privacy Policies
A Canadian inquiry leads the social-networking company to clarify how it handles its customers’ personal information, and to seek their input before finalizing new guidelines.
eBay Edges Wall St. Despite Lower Revenues
UPDATED: The company’s first quarter results are slightly ahead of expectations, but analysts still see a troubled core business.
StumbleUpon Tumbles Away from eBay
The online recommendation site buys back its independence from the auction giant citing a lack of “long-term synergies.”
All A-Twitter About Google Deal
Google-Twitter marriage could prove to be beneficial for the search leader.
Google CEO on Search, Competition and Mobile Market
Eric Schmidt waxes on Microsoft, the economy, and the inevitable rise of mobile computing.
Online Ad Spend Slated for First Dip Since 2001
After years of steady increases in online advertising, analysts are adjusting their forecasts to show the first real decrease since the dot-com bust.
FTC Blasted Over Guidelines on Privacy for Online Marketing
The Federal Trade Commission has weighed in on the online privacy debate with a new set of recommendations concerning how marketers can track consumer behavior on the Web.
Yahoo Tweaks BOSS Revenue Model
Yahoo adjusts program to lease out search-engine technology, rolls out new semantic features.
Will Whitman's eBay Legacy Help or Hurt Bid for Office?
By the numbers, the former eBay CEO's tenure was a resounding triumph — but the auction site is not the darling of the Web that it once was.
Time to Start Selling on Amazon? Earnings Report Says Yes
For many e-commerce site owners, it was the start of a long, cold winter — but there was no coal in Amazon's stocking this holiday season.
Earnings Report for eBay Shows Big Dip
Auction giant eBay suffered its first year-to-year drop in revenue.
Q4 Online Sales: It Was the Best of Times, the Worst of Times
With fewer days from Thanksgiving to Christmas, shortened holiday season sees total spending down from last year despite last-minute shopping surge.
E-Commerce Picture Brightens
Thanks to big sales following Thanksgiving online retailer sales are now in line with last year's figures. Now comes the sprint to the finish line.
Flailing Economy Finally Sours E-Commerce Sales
Forrester revises its growth expectations for the holiday shopping season. Gas is still playing a role, along with economy.
Search Ads: Chilly Economy's Silver Lining?
Analyst cuts projections for online ad spending, but search marketers say their segment is holding strong.
Yahoo, Google Try to Curry Favor for Ad Deal
A sharp increase in posturing comes as the companies' voluntary moratorium draws to a close amid a continuing antitrust review.
Study Cites Flaws in E-tail Experience
New study finds that as customer expectations rise, online businesses neglect user experience at their own peril.
Advertisers Cry Foul on Yahoo-Google Deal
ANA warns Justice Dept. that the partnership would consolidate control of search advertising in the hands of the two heavies.
Inflation, Credit Crunch Hit E-Commerce
Analysts see growth tailing off, but also note opportunities for those who can weather the storm.
Google Sells Off Performics
For Google, the move completes the dispersal of Performics, which it had absorbed through the acquisition of DoubleClick, and ends a potential conflict of interest.

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