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Google-Yahoo Ad Deal Details Murky in Filing
The first glimpse into the blockbuster ad deal is shrouded by the absence of "competitively negotiated sensitive information."
New Tool Provides Security Ratings for E-Biz Search Results
Details on buySafe's new Shopping Advisor tool, which helps small online store owners shore up shopper confidence.
TiVo Embraces E-Commerce through Amazon
Through the partnership, TiVo will display menus with links to Amazon's online store, inviting viewers to use their remote control to purchase products.
Lycos to Offer Affordable, Interactive Storefronts
With new drag-and-drop platform, Lycos wants to make it easy to build Web sites with social features, and will launch an e-commerce store platform in the fall.
eBay Reports Strong Profit, But Outlook Bleak
eBay reports double-digit profit for second quarter, but shares fall due to tepid forecast for the current quarter.
Google Launches Affiliate Network
Search and ad king rebrands DoubleClick's affiliate-marketing program as it continues to integrate new assets.
Proximic's Mission: Ad Networks Open to All
With business deals in place, a small startup with a lofty mission now looks to monetize the "long tail" and take on Google's AdSense.
Google Ad Deal: Free Money for Yahoo?
Industry watchers weigh in on what the recent ad deal between Yahoo and Google means for both companies — and the search marketplace.
Yahoo Proclaims Talks with Microsoft are (Really) Over
The embattled Web pioneer says all discussions with Microsoft about any type of acquisition — either an outright purchase or a partial sale — have ended.
Industry Group Alone in Optimism on NY Sales Tax Law
The Direct Marketing Association's interpretation of the controversial online sales tax law is hopeful, while others abandon affiliate sales in New York due to the new legislation.
Online Retailers Hit Hard
comScore examines the impact of a tightening economy and questions how much those tax rebates will help e-tailers.
Niche Community Sites the Key to Making Money
Industry insider says forget Facebook and MySpace. The community sites that will sell products are the small hobby sites galvanized around a shared interest.
Yahoo SearchMonkey: Aping Google, Becoming Top Banana?
Yahoo's new initiative means site owners can add more info to their listings, and theoretically get more traffic.
Where's the Money in User-Generated Content?
Are social networking sites ever going to reap big sales for e-tailers? Media executives discuss the topic as the phenom goes from fad to trend to mainstream.
Amazon Takes Issue with NY Online Tax Law
The online retailer mounts a constitutional challenge to the controversial state law that aims to clamp down on collecting Internet sales taxes.
After Microsoft's Goodbye, What's Next for Yahoo?
With the Microsoft deal apparently over and its stock taking a pounding, what's ahead for Yahoo?
Google Display Ads to Go Mobile
Search giant joins the great migration as advertisers look to the mobile device.
eBay's Financial Fears: Going, Going, Gone?
The e-commerce bellwether shrugs off transitional pains and economic gloom to post solid results.
Yahoo Beefs Up Analytics Arsenal
Yahoo's latest purchase is aimed at improving analytics tools for advertisers.
NY Requires E-tailers to Charge Sales Tax
Controversial new law in New York forces e-tailers to collect sales taxes, even if they have no operations or employees working there.
Mixed Reaction to Pending Online Ad Legislation
In a classic tug-of-war between free marketeers and regulatory advocates, major Web companies have their sights set on Albany and a new bill that would rewrite the rules of online advertising.
Putting YouTube Analytics in Focus
The free tool for measuring video viewership means e-tailers can better target their video ads, and hopefully start seeing a return on their investment.
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Google, Paid Clicks and Profits
Emphasizing conversions over clicks, Google executives outline the changing ad landscape in search, display and social networking.
Google's New Ad Service Embraces Small E-tailers
Google's new offering is a free, hosted service that's affordable for small online business owners.
eBay's Financial Forecast Calls for Pain
It's reckoning day for eBay as its gloomy shareholder's report outlines financial worries including increased competition, taxes and litigation.

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