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Case Closed: eBay and MercExchange Settle
For an undisclosed amount, eBay bought an end to a legal marathon.
Microsoft's "Secret" E-Mail on Yahoo Tactics
Microsoft released an internal e-mail outling how it would integrate Yahoo should a buyout happen.
Yahoo Shareholders Miffed at Board Over Microsoft Bid
Even after lawsuits are filed over Yahoo's handling of Microsoft's bid, no one can agree on a plan to move forward.
Microsoft Pitches New Ad Measurement Metric
Microsoft is testing a new approach for measuring the success of online ads as it tries to compete with Google for marketing dollars.
Amazon Does Not Love New York
Amazon is gearing up to fight a proposed online sales tax for New York e-tailers.
Creating Social Shopping Sites In a Snap
KickApps lets even small e-tailers build a social dimension into their sites by adding widgets, media players, blogging or other user-generated content in a few mouse clicks.
PayPal Buys Anti-Fraud Company
Fraud Sciences uses pattern-matching tactics that many e-tailers and payments processors already use to detect scammers.
Trend Watch: Local Online Ad Spend Surge
With display and search leading the way, local online advertising spending will increase 82 percent in the next five years, according to a new study.
Sellers Say Sayonara, Meg; Wait for Pricing Changes
More changes coming to eBay, including lower listing fees and unspecified feedback udpates, while sellers share sentiments on Meg Whitman's departure.
Grayboxx Launches Local Search
Grayboxx, a local-search provider based on consumer recommendations, goes live.
Contextual Ad Firm Signs Up for eBay, Yahoo
Ad network Proximic, based on contextual-matching technology, signed deals with Yahoo Shopping Network and eBay's
Yahoo's Mobile Mandate Includes eBay Widget
Launching with initial partners that include eBay, MTV and MySpace, Yahoo Mobile Widgets are designed to run on a host of devices.
Wikia Search Launches as Alternative to Google
With the community-driven, open-source search engine, Wikia founder wants to transform Internet search, which he says is dominated by a few large, secretive companies.
E-tailer Holiday Sales Remain Strong Through Home Stretch
Consumers spent almost $28 billion online this holiday season, translating into a 19-percent growth rate that's still remarkable though down from last year.
Is 2008 the Year of Mobile Commerce?
Next year is dubbed as critical building period for mobile commerce, according to research and consulting firm Celent.
Weekend Sales Surge Boosts E-tail Spending
Weekend spending helped lift total e-commerce spending growth for the holiday season to 19 percent from last year, according to research data.
Cyber Monday Stats Show Big Spike
It's official: Online retailers on Monday set a new record with sales of $733 million, marking the highest-ever performance on a "Cyber Monday."
Cyber Monday Sales Up, Some Sites Down
Preliminary stats show that Cyber Monday lived up to the hype with record-breaking sales, though some sites experienced snags due to heavy traffic.
E-Commerce Taxation Pardoned in New York
New York governor rescinded a new policy that could have meant the end of the tax-free Internet online shoppers have come to know and love.
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