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eBay Creates Neighborhoods to Cash In On Community
Neighborhoods is aimed to help the auction site take advantage of the booming interest in online social networking.
Google Offers Video Ads to AdSense
Google's new video units, which are based on a combination of the video content and the publisher's site content, will feature video from YouTube content partners.
Internet Tax Ban Bill Inches Toward Approval
Now that the judiciary panel approved the measure, the pressure's on Congress to hash out the bill before its Nov. 1 deadline.
Web Video Ads Show Promise Among Shoppers
A study backed by AOL and Google shows that a majority of shoppers take action after viewing video ads.
Yahoo, PayPal and eBay to Fight Phishing
The anti-phishing plan should shield eBay and PayPal customers, which in turn, should help e-tailers during the fourth-quarter flurry of sales activity.
Yahoo Embraces Universal Search
This week Yahoo re-launches its search to include ratings, reviews and photos.
Amazon Goes Wild Over Widgets
Members of Amazon's affiliate program can cash in on the widget craze with 16 new mini-applications just released.
Got Google Gadget Ads?
Google's new widget ad format lets you include audio, video, games, Flash and live data feeds that people can save to blogs and Web pages.
eBiz News: Yahoo Buys Behavioral Ad Network
With the purchase of ad network BlueLithium, Yahoo bolsters its targeted advertising offerings.
Google Opens Click Fraud Resource Center
Google's Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center serves as single source for click fraud information, including staff presentations, blog posts, articles and a request-an-investigation link.
Yahoo Edges Out Google in Satisfaction Survey
When considering search campaigns, don't count out Yahoo as second-rate just yet. A recent study shows that Yahoo surpassed Google in keeping searchers satisfied.
EBay Revisits Google Advertising
The auction giant resumes ads on Google, but the love will never be the same. Not after Google's little stunt in Boston
Google's Pay-Per-Action May Ease Click Fraud
Google is testing a different business formula for its AdSense program that favors a new pay-per-action model.
Yahoo's Panama Panning Out
Research by comScore shows that Yahoo's new sponsored ad system is showing solid results.
Yahoo's Latest Advance in Search Game
Yahoo's new search marketing rankings model is live, with goal of making search results page more relevant to user queries.
eBay Scuttles China Venture
The auction giant's Shanghai-based subsidiary won't be around for the New Year, but a partnership-plan is slated to replace it in 2007.
Google and GoDaddy: New Domain Biz
Google partners with to offer domain registration for $10 a year.
Google Checkout Freebie
Cash out titans battle for your business by offering holiday promotions.
Amazon's '1-click' Patent Up For Debate Again
Owing to a disgruntled customer in New Zealand, Amazon's controversial "1-click" patent filing is officially re-open for debate.
Google Adds Video to AdSense Lineup
Google today introduced click-to-play video ads in the U.S., Canada, and Japan and, in the process, shook up its business model and identity.
Google Can't Escape Click Fraud Suits
The lead plaintiff says it's not about the money.
Yahoo's "New" Ad Platform
Yahoo said it plans to roll out a redesigned search advertising platform, which will help it compete with rivals Microsoft and Google.
Internet Ad Spending up 30% in 2005
Internet advertising revenues grew 30 percent, earning $12.5 billion in 2005, according to numbers released Friday by Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
IRS/DoJ Hunts PayPal Tax Cheats
The Justice Department wants PayPal to hand over customer data to further an on-going investigation of tax evaders.
PayPal Mobile Payments Official
The company announced the 'first of its kind' service, but competitor TextPayMe has been at it since December. TextPayWho?

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