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EBay Watch 2008: The Year in Review
A look back at the many policy and platform changes in 2008 that set the stage for eBay in 2009.
Branded Gifts Give E-Commerce Marketing Personal Touch
Give out personalized gifts branded with your online store messaging to keep your best customers coming back for more. We show you how.
Our Picks for Top eBay Alternatives for 2008
A look back at the year in the eBay competitor space, as well as a peek at what's in store for 2009.
eBay's Large Merchant Services in Full Swing
As eBay alternatives start to gain traction with small-volume sellers, eBay introduces its Large Merchant Services. Now in its second week, we provide an inside look at the new service.
eBay Embraces Big Sellers, Cyber Monday Trends
This week the auction giant rolls out a beta version of its new Large Merchant Services for high-volume retailers. Plus, the latest stats and trends from Cyber Monday.
eBay Alternative for Artisans: Etsy Expands Your Exposure
If you make handcrafted wares and want to increase your exposure online, let Etsy be your elf this holiday season. Unlike many other eBay competitors, this site gets lots of traffic.
December E-Mail Marketing Tips
Cyber Monday's over and we're officially in the count-down to the holidays. We provide five timely tips for e-mail campaigns, among them, target those tardy male shoppers.
Tealeaf Offers Insight to Mobile Customer Behavior
For e-commerce business owners who want to capitalize on the m-commerce trend, Tealeaf offers analytics for the growing mobile shopper base.
PayPal Opens Overseas Selling Site for Small E-Tailers
PayPal's Global Selling Guide, which launched today, has information on the holiday customs of 17 nations and tips on a variety of topics including shipping, payments, customs and tax considerations.
Set Up Online Payment Processing in Four Steps
FormSpring is a very easy way to accept online payments without the time and cost it takes to manage a full shopping cart application. Plus, you can use the service for contests and other online t...
eBay and Alternative Site News, Tools and Trends
This week we take a look at phpAuction XL Premium 4.0 features, bidCal — a free calendar alert tool for eBay and Auctiva's BuyShield widget. Plus, find out what items you should be stocking ...
Tips and Tools for Thanksgiving-Themed E-Store Decor
Dressing up your e-commerce store and promotions with autumn and Thanksgiving accents doesn't take a redesign. Our tips and free tools will help you — and your online store — get in the ...
Five Timely Tips for Holiday E-Mail Marketing
Last month, holiday e-mail campaigns were all about segmentation, not blasting. This month it's time to grow your list, build loyalty and capture new subscribers. We show you how.
Doing Business on eBay Alternative for a Buck a Month
Online vendors listing on The SOC Exchange pay just one dollar a month or $10 a year to sell, with no other fees. Plus, eBay security updates.
eBay: Cool Competitors, Antique Aid, Hot Holiday Gifts
Get a sneak peek of eBay competitor 4Sale4Now, opening Saturday, iTaggit helps antique sellers and we introduce our new eBay and Auction Alternatives Dictionary. Plus, eBay's list of "Most Prized,...
EBay Alternatives Gear Up for Growth
This week in eBay alternative news Etsy gets new hardware and Bonanzle offers optional membership plans. Meanwhile, on eBay, the new policy prohibiting paper payments takes effect.
EBay Competitor Launches Storefronts, Affiliate Plans
Wigix, an eBay alternative that provides a price-matching method for buying and selling goods online, today announced new storefronts and affiliate plans.
October Holiday E-Mail Marketing: Segment, Don't Blast
Our e-mail marketing expert offers five time-sensitive tips for e-tailers who want to have a merry holiday selling season.
Phishing Attacks Net 5,000 Stolen eBay Accounts
This week in eBay news we report on a phishing scam and offer tips for protecting your account data. Plus, highlights of the Feedback revision policy.
Seller Profile: Auctionwally on Breaking Up with eBay
Longtime antique and collectibles online auctioneer Walt Kolenda offers tips for expanding beyond eBay.
eBay Watch: Where Have All the Google Results Gone?
This week bloggers speculate about the apparent lack of Google search results and Canadian sellers clash with eBay over the new media shipping policy. Plus, new Web shop and auction alternative of...
ExactTarget Launches Dynamic E-Mail Coupons
Web shop owners using the real-time coupons can target specific subscribers or specify that the offer not exceed a maximum redemption rate, based on their budget earmarked for the campaign.
eBay Alternative Action: Resources, Launches, Updates
This week we discuss what the phrase 'eBay Alternatives' encompasses and highlight the latest news and launches from the constantly growing alternative space.
eBay Watch: Hot Holiday Trends
This week eBay implements its new fixed price listing and final value fees, offers hot holiday trends and eBay expert Skip McGrath talks about the future of eBay in his new book.
Turn Clicks into Cash: New ShopAds Affiliate Widgets
Through ShopAds, Adgregate Markets lets shoppers securely purchase products entirely within the confines of the ad unit, without being redirected away from the publisher’s Web site.

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