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eBay Watch: Griff's Five Tips for Selling Gifts
eBay guru Jim "Griff" Griffith gives us the goods on gifting, offering his tips for cashing in on the holidays.
eBay Watch: Countdown Application Review
Countdown provides easy access for shoppers, spices up the auction format style and prompts sellers to use high-quality product shots.
Shopping Cart and Storefront Upgrades
KonaKart, E-junkie and Volusion roll out new security, order management and customer retention features.
eBay Watch: Cross-Listing Collectibles, Sprucing Up Stores
Selling without borders comes to eBay, as well as tips for trimming your store for the holidays.
Forum Spotlight: Boosting Traffic, Site Design Tips
Get tips from fellow e-tailers on how to improve site traffic and what design elements help to provide an engaging online shopping experience.
eBay Watch: Auctions in the 'Hood
The auction giant launches Neighborhoods, a social networking forum.
eBay Watch: Desktop Application Debuts
This week eBay launched the public beta of its hotly anticipated eBay Desktop application, powered by Adobe AIR technology.
Forum Spotlight: Mid-Range Carts, Drop Shipping Taxes
We highlight the insight provided by fellow e-tailers with tips from the trenches on cart options, drop shipping and sales tax and site design.
eBay Watch: Tips for Keyword Building and Listing
EBay sidesteps scandal over leaked personal information. Meanwhile, we show you how to make money off your used electronics and introduce a site tracking tool. Plus, tips for keyword building and ...
Ten Free Tools: Welcome to the World Wide Widget Web
Searching for widgets that can help you run your online business or eBay auctions takes more time than setting them up, so we did it for you.
Widgetmania: What's In It For You
If you're still not quite sure what all the buzz is about, we explain the basics of widgets, and how they can help your e-biz.
eBay Watch: Free Auction Management Tool
This week eBay resolves the multiple log in issue and announces an offline gift card promotion. Plus, a review of the upgraded Auctiva, a free auction management tool.
eBay Watch: iPhone Widget Updates for Auctioneers
This week in eBay news, updates to an iPhone application lets sellers view bidding and selling lists, plus message management improvements.
Six Hot Shots in Next-Gen Search, Social Shopping
New shopping sites focused on social commerce and specialized search are sprouting up - and succeeding. We show you how to get listed in a few clicks.
eBay Watch: ProStores Upgrade, Free Template Tools
This week eBay optimizes ProStores for search, boosts support for Premium stores and cuts prices for Anchor stores. Plus, tips on spicing up listings with free templates.
eBay Watch: Discounts and Sales Tax Tools
This week in eBay news, a seller discount, the launch of the My eBay beta, one-click bidding and sales tax tools.
Forum Spotlight: Google Page Rank and Site Builder Tips
Readers weigh in with guidance on boosting traffic and page rank, as well as choosing site software and how to convey trust to your shoppers.
eBay Watch: Widgets and Image Hosting
New eBay home page on tap, a widget you can use to market your listings and an affordable image hosting service. Plus, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz puts his World Series Benz on the auction block.
eBay Watch: Feedback Changes, iPhone Shopping Application
This week in eBay news, the company downgrades neutral feedback ratings to negatives, a refer-a-friend program debuts and a free shopping application for the iPhone is introduced.
eBay Watch: Blog Updates, Garage Sale Review
The auction company updates its blog platform and changes its firearms policy. Plus, we review Garage Sale, the new application that lets you sell on Facebook.
eBay Watch: PowerSeller Protection, Shipping Tips
This week eBay boosts insurance for PowerSellers who get bilked and updates Item Specifics features. Plus, we offer shipping tips and demystify some jargon.
Forum Fanfare: Domain Name and Design Advice
Today we are putting the spotlight on our ECommerce-Guide forum members and the issues some are facing, from boosting a small business owners' morale, to questions about choosing a domain name to...
Fee Free: Three New eBay Management Packages
Attention auctioneers: Third-party software services can help you organize and manage your eBay ventures, often for free. We highlight the pros and cons of three new solutions.
eBay Watch: New Jewelry Policies, eBay Mode Cameras
This week in eBay news are policy changes regarding how diamonds and jewelry are described in listings as well as two new digital cameras that have YouTube and eBay modes as standard features.
eBay Watch: Stores Hub Getting a Makeover
This week we outline upgrades to Stores Hub and My eBay as well as offer marketing tips from the trenches in a seller profile.

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