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eBay Watch: Feedback Changes and Storefront Tools
EBay launches pilot of Feedback 2.0, designed to give shoppers more detailed information about sellers, StoreBuilderPlus includes product catalog and an iPhone made of cardboard goes on sale.
eBay Watch: 10,000 Points of Light
eBay Giving Works hits a milestone in registered nonprofits, workshops abound, UK organization launches its own auction site, Bright Lister puts a shine on its listing tool and eBayers play guitar.
eBay Watch: Bolsters PowerSellers sales count toward PowerSeller status, digital download and image display tools, a community for eBay competitors and a blinged-out Sharpie for sale.
Wanted: Online Classifieds
More major e-commerce players - and lesser known ones - are banking on classifieds as a viable channel for online sales.
eBay Watch: Query Manager, Image Tools, Forums
This week eBay halts MySpace-Google deal, unveils a question-management feature for sellers and announces plans for annual summer soiree. Plus, students bid on a year of college.
eBay Watch: Mastering Markdowns
A new tool for managing discounts, image-display services and a new digital download organizer, plus rumors of Seinfeld's tossed gum and yadda, yadda, yadda.
eBay Watch: New Selling Tool Cuts Listing Time
eBay nudges sellers toward new Sell Your Item form saying listings are completed 20-percent faster while third-parties offer cart, checkout and image tools for auctioneers. Meanwhile, Cupid shows ...
eBay Watch: ID Masking Rebuked
New ID masking security measures miff some community members, feedback system tweaks, cart tools and a french fry for millions.
eBay Watch: Security Measures
PayPal offers a new security key for sellers, eBay buys ticket company, plus shipping and gift registry tools.
eBay Watch: Happy Fee Hikes
Increased fees, new listing research tools and a blizzard goes on the auction block.
Windows Live Search: Trying to Catch Google
The revamped search engine from Microsoft continues to be tweaked and fine-tuned though it has yet to gain traction in the market. We offer a snapshot of the latest developments.
Keep On Rockin' On The Free World Wide Web
Treat yourself to a New Year's gift basket of free tools you can use to spice up your site and keep your e-biz running smoothly.
eBay Watch: 2006 Hits and Misses
A look back at what worked, and what didn't, on the auction giant site, as well as what to expect in 2007.
eBay Watch: Marketing Tips, New Gallery Site, Google Connector
Free marketing must-know info from the experts, a new gallery site for popular auctions, an upgrade to Google Base Store and Jack Twist's hat sells for a good cause.
eBay Watch: E-Mail and Google Base Upgrades
eBay enhances its e-mail marketing tools while Google adds attribute aid to Base.
eBay Watch: Cool Competition, Google Base House Calls and Castles
Auction Quest takes on the big guys with low costs and creative features, Google sets up on-site visits for Base while those in the mood for royal relaxation can bid on a king's crib at eBay.
eBay Watch: Wish Lists, Security Safeguards, Gift Guides
Gift-buyers are still worried about security, we offer tips for making them feel warm and fuzzy, plus the array of offers for Christmas trees on eBay.
eBay Watch: You Better Shop Around
This week in eBay Watch: eBay kicks off holiday promotional campaign, new sales research and shopping site tools, bogus PS3 bids and Thanksgiving-style auctions.
eBay Watch: Deal Finder, Fraudsters and Free Listings
This week in eBay Watch we profile a competitor that doesn't charge for items that fail to sell, outline features of the new tool for bargain hunters and report on the latest legal and research news.
eBay Watch: Delays, Deals and Steals
Mpire unveils "top seller" tracking tool, video classifieds debut, Harleys are hot and programmers put the "fun" in fundraising auctions.
eBay Watch: Google and Skype Tools
Google offers coupons for Checkout, Dreamweaver offers Google add-ons, Skype expands to new listings, an ornament auction site launches and a comic holds an adoption auction for charity.
Will Google Base Be Home for Christmas?
Web shop owners continue to seize the power of Google's listing database, industry watchers speculate about a Froogle merger and everyone wonders if a final version will be ready for the holiday r...
eBay Watch: Stealth E-Mail, Storefronts, Stratocasters
This week eBay announces new e-mail system and browser guidelines while vendors roll out coupon, classified and storefront offerings, plus Eric Clapton's guitar auction creams the competition.
eBay Watch: Is That Relevant?
A new Best Match feature promises to improve the relevancy of search results, game over on Playstation 3 auctions to eBay, new third-party tools abound, offers an eBay alternative and...
eBay Watch: Public Feedback Profiles
Sellers with private feedback profiles to be sanctioned, PrimeCart offers SEO tools, vFlyer announces new ad service, Barbara Bush's pink rubber duck and more.

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