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Twitter Tools Likely Choice to Build Revenue
The microblogging company says it favors tools and services over ads as a way to build revenue.
Study Shows A Hasty Tweet Retreat
Long-range success may be a challenge for Twitter. A study indicates that the majority of people who join the social network quit using it after one month.
Yahoo Gets Community Spirit
Spurred on by Twitter and Facebook, Yahoo is turning up the volume on many of its communications and community features and building bridges between the collection of Yahoo sites that have at times...
Google to Target Ads Based on Behavior
Google will begin to aim online ads at people based on their Web browsing history.
Google Takes Yahoo Ad Deal Off the Table
Google canceled plans for a search advertising partnership with Yahoo amid opposition from antitrust regulators and advertisers.
Google Still Gearing Up for Yahoo Ad Deal
It appears Google isn't giving up on the proposed ad deal with Yahoo as executives say talks are still on.
YouTube Sows Seeds for E-Commerce
The Google-owned business is taking the first steps toward building an e-commerce service through which it will sell media-related products.
Google-Yahoo Ad Deal Delayed
Google and Yahoo decided to delay implementing a controversial search advertising partnership.
Yahoo to Transform Web Ads
New system would allow for the cross-selling of ads between sales forces.
Yahoo's Radical Homepage Makeover
Yahoo rolls out redesign of its homepage offering personalized view of the Web.
Grapes of Wrath? Amazon Angling to Sell Wine
Vintners are buzzing about the possibilities that the online retailer is gearing up to sell wine. While this may be good news for wine lovers, it remains to be seen how it will affect small online...
eBay Revamps Fees as Amazon Muscles In
The auction leader is making moves in response to waning interest in online bidding and continued strength from rivals' traditional e-commerce models.
Former Googlers Unveil Competing Search Engine
The would-be Google rival says its methods are better than prevailing search techniques that focus on Web links and audience traffic patterns.
eBay is Victorious in Tiffany Case
EBay scored a major legal victory on Monday when a federal judge absolved it of responsibility for policing fake Tiffany jewelry.
LVMH Wins Compensation from eBay in Counterfeit Case
France plays hardball and slaps eBay with a stiff penalty for allowing the sale of illegitimate goods.
Google to Offer Audience Analytics to Advertisers
Google will offer advertisers a free media planning tool to help them locate target audiences on the Web.
eBay to Developers: Let My Love Open the Door
eBay is laying out Project Echo, a plan to give independent developers a path to having their software featured within eBay's core site.
Yahoo, Google in Search/Ad Deal
Under the agreement, Yahoo can run ads supplied by Google alongside its own search results.
Yahoo and Wal-Mart Ink Ad Deal
Yahoo and Wal-Mart announce ad partnership while Microsoft still waits in the wings.
Target Sued for Alleged Online Tax Snafu
The online purchase of an electric shaver by a California woman spurred a class action suit against Target.
Microsoft Proposes Buying Yahoo Search
Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo's search business and take a minority stake in the Web pioneer, stopping short of a full-out merger.
Microsoft Proposes New Deal to Yahoo
Microsoft puts another offer on the table, but will Yahoo raise the ante again?
Craigslist Files eBay Countersuit: Divest Now
Craigslist filed a countersuit alleging eBay used its minority stake in Craigslist to steal its corporate trade secrets.
MySpace Meets eBay, Yahoo
MySpace social network will let users share their public profile information, such as pictures, videos, and text, across the Web.
Microsoft Bid for Yahoo Off the Table?
It appears Microsoft is abandoning its Yahoo takeover, amid rumors of a Yahoo-Google ad partnership.

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