Shopping Carts for EBay Sellers

We look at eight shopping carts and software services to integrate your eBay business with your own Web shop sales.

EBay sellers looking to expand sales to their own small business ecommerce website need to use a shopping cart or third-party software that integrates an ecommerce shopping cart with eBay. 

This integration will enable sales and inventory data to be shared between the systems and save you a lot of time and help you manage your online selling business across both selling channels.

Why Online Sellers Need Web store and EBay Integration

Back-end integration with eBay is important if you plan to sell on your own website and on eBay. Ecommerce integration with eBay lets you easily manage all orders, no matter which site generates the sale. You can list all your items in one system and have your inventory displayed in both selling channels. Plus each system will recognize a sale on the other site and provide a single inventory, sales and customer history. 

8 EBay-Compatible Shopping Carts and Integration Services

Here are eight eBay compatible shopping carts and integration software packages that will help you sell on your own ecommerce website while staying on top of your eBay sales.

1. AuctionBlox eMarketConnect

AuctionBlox provides access to eBay and (via your storefront administration screens) from your existing online store. By connecting your store with eBay, AuctionBlox lets you list your products on eBay and process checkouts in your own store. CRE Loaded, oscommerce, Zen Cart and Magento art software is supported. eMarketConnect is free with a paid subscription to an AuctionBlox store.

2. DesignCart

DesignCart is a third-party hosted online shopping cart designed for a small to mid-size businesses that want to sell products on the Web. It works on any hosting platform and provides the capability to list and complete payment for your eBay auctions. Winning bidders will be presented with an add button via email and, upon successful payment, the cart will update the eBay auction status automatically.

3. Kosmos Central

EBay ecommerce integration software from Kosmos lets you upload items from your online store to your eBay account, and download orders from eBay to your ecommerce website, integrating all purchases into one system to keep your eBay and online storefronts  in sync. The latest version of X-Cart is required in addition to the eBay Ecommerce Integration software.

4. Mercantec E-Commerce Express

Mercantec offers an entry-level storefront and cart service that lets you sell in a number of places including your own site and eBay. You can use E-Commerce Express for auction (and other) checkouts and payments and it can also be used to create eBay fixed price listings.

5. ProStores

ProStores is an online ecommerce platform for merchants and eBay sellers.  The platform is a full ecommerce solution that lets online merchants design online storefronts and catalog products. Plus it lets you manage store-administration tasks and offers full integration with any eBay selling business.

6. Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite lets you push products in various marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and many others. It uses your existing product database and can also be programmed to list only those items you have in stock or that are competitive enough to sell.

7. Techwave Free Shopping Cart

Techwave shopping cart software provides everything you need to build, update and maintain an online store. Techwave is fully integrated with Microsoft CRM and Sugar CRM for organized business and sharing procedure. It also offers an EBay Integration Module for Techwave Ecommerce that will fully integrate your ecommerce website with an eBay store. 

8. T-Hub for QuickBooks

The T-Hub order management solution is designed to integrate your ecommerce stores with QuickBooks and Shipping services (UPS/FedEx/USPS).  T-Hub works with several leading ecommerce platforms and shopping carts such as Amazon, EBay, Yahoo stores, Magento, Volusion, GoDaddy, X-Cart, BigCommerce, AmeriCommerce, osCommerce, AspDotNetStorefront and others.

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