Why EBay Templates Improve Listing Pages for Sellers

EBay templates give sellers professional-looking listing pages that stand out in online product searches. Here are five ideas to make eBay templates work for your business.

Templates can help eBay sellers stand out from the crowd. With more than 200 million listings running concurrently on the online marketplace at any time, it's important for sellers to present a unique and professional look that encourages potential buyers to buy. 

Chris Taylor, vice president of marketing for Page Mage, Inc., says that templates can help an eBay seller look professional, and it will also save you time. Using an eBay template means you can "click once" and have all your important item and business details automatically included in each listing.

5 Ways to Use eBay Templates

Page Mage, which started as an eBay listing designer tool now offers a Billboards app that lets sellers create custom headers and footers to embed in listing pages.  Ranked as one of the "Top 10 Most Popular Applications" in eBay's Apps Center, Billboards is based on the original Page Mage listing designer.

"The big thing we hear from sellers is that they want to look unique," Taylor said in describing the Page Mage listing designer that now runs the Billboards app.  "With Billboards you can upload and use product images, your logo and any other graphics or information that is unique to your business."

Taylor said that many eBay sellers use templates to obtain a professional-looking listing page that's well-branded and that conveys a message trust to the potential buyer.  It also makes updating some areas of your pages easier, because you add the information once and automatically apply the template to all your eBay listings.

Here are five ways you can use a listing designer tool – or an app like Billboards – to improve your eBay listing:

1. Use Templates for Branding

You can use a professional eBay listing template for branding and to help potential buyers feel connected to you. Include a business logo and a statement in a header; it adds credibility about you and your eBay business.

2. Communicate Special Offers

Include details on free shipping, discount shipping, holiday gift wrap services or any other promotional offer you have running in the template. When you change promotions, a custom header lets you update the details across all your listings.

3. Use Templates for Cross-Selling

You can cross-sell categories or specific products by adding links in the template. For example, if you sell clothing on eBay you can pull a picture of a summer item and remind potential buyers that now is the time to stock up on these seasonally-related products.

4. Communicate Business Policies

If you carry the same policy information across all your listing -- for example shipping policies regarding a second-item purchase, international shipping policies, guarantees or returns --  a footer is a great place to mention these. Because you can apply changes across all listings, it's much easier for a seller to provide this kind of information in a template instead of in the description area of the listing.

5. Display "About Me" Details

A template footer is a good place to display unique information about your business. You can include videos, images or a description of your business to help buyers feel more confident about buying from you.

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