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It's time to make your search marketing list, and check it twice. To help, here are holiday season tips from Yahoo Search Marketing.
It's time to be making your search marketing list, and checking it twice. To help, here are holiday season tips from Yahoo Search Marketing.

Use Targeted Keywords
  • Review your seasonal product offerings/best sellers and apply holiday modifiers ("Christmas gift for grandmother").

  • Offer gift cards and bid on relevant keywords.
Write Effective and Creative Ad Copy
  • Position the search term prominently in the title and description and include pricing and promotions where possible.

  • Customize descriptions by category - i.e. apparel vs. home décor.

  • Titles and descriptions should be as specific as or more specific than seasonal terms (for example, Keyword "Christmas Candle" "Buy Candles for Christmas at" NOT "Buy Christmas Decorations at").

  • Incorporate special messaging and be creative with commonly used messages such as "Free Shipping."

      Budget for Dynamic Bidding
      • Holiday shoppers are in the mood to buy, so adjust bidding and budgets to take advantage of higher conversion rates for many holiday and gift-related terms.

      • Be prepared for last minute shoppers, and budget and prepare accordingly for post holiday sales.
      Create Engaging Landing Pages
      • URL must link to a page that is obviously and immediately relevant to the keyword.

      • If the ad does not link to a product-specific landing page, provide a clear and obvious path to the product.

      • Ensure prices and promotions are consistent with search copy and always provide effective on-site search for easier navigation.

      • Use Gift Guide pages for general gifting keywords and offer incentives for e-mail capture, such as "free" newsletter, sales alerts, etc.

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