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How do I sell on eBay?

Everything you need to know to start your own successful e-business.

Referred to as the world's largest online marketplace, eBay has become a competitive and crowded place to buy and sell. Learn the dos and don'ts of surviving in the auction jungle.

eBay Affiliates Profile: What's New, How It Pays
Even with all the fee changes afoot at eBay, there's still a way to keep making money at the auction giant that doesn't necessarily tie into listing costs - Affiliates.
Kijiji Review: Better than eBay for Hot Rods and Guitars
Our eBay columnist tries the auction site's local classifieds Kijiji and recommends it for low-profit merchandise and hard-to-ship items.
Block Busters: Auction Action Beyond eBay
OnlineAuction gains traction, My Auction Planet features freebies, BiddersnSellers revamps strategy and luxury goods site Millionaires Bay launches.
Picture Perfect: Blinging It Out on eBay
PhotoShop too much time and effort? Bling! It lets eBay sellers easily turn digital photos into professional-looking product images.
Books for Bucks: How To Sell Books on eBay
eBay is a thriving marketplace for book sales, but to make money, you need to know how to buy, sell and list. We outline how you can be a success story selling books online.
Book Briefs: 10 Tips for Selling on eBay
Halloween is coming, so we've got a treat for you: 10 eBay business tips excerpted from the book "Tricks of the eBay Masters."
YouTube for E-Tailers: Tips, Camcorder Reviews
A new crop of camcorders come with YouTube modes. We show you how to create, edit, upload and promote your video marketing masterpieces.
eBay Watch: Tips for Keyword Building and Listing
EBay sidesteps scandal over leaked personal information. Meanwhile, we show you how to make money off your used electronics and introduce a site tracking tool. Plus, tips for keyword building and ...
Review:The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay
This five-pound multimedia package is packed with tips for making money on eBay. Though best suited for novice auctioneers, seasoned sellers will find useful resources, too.
Savvy Product Sourcing and Hot Wholesale Suppliers
Need help locating reputable wholesale suppliers? We offer tips and resources for tracking them down, as well as a list of 10 to get you started.
Calling eBay: Negating Negative Feedback
Negative feedback is every eBay seller's nightmare. We outline how to get an actual person on the phone to help, and provide tips for removing negative feedback from your profile.
Marketing your eBay Store: Tips at your Fingertips
Most of the resources you need to grow your business can be found right in your eBay Stores manager browser. We offer 10 steps you can take to boost sales, as well as update you on new features an...
Take Better Photos, Make More Money
Compelling product images turn browsers into buyers, but if you're unsure how to take professional looking photos, dont' fret. Here we outline tips for taking pixel-perfect photos to give your sit...
Don't Waste Words in Your Auction Listings
You, of course, want to pepper your eBay listings with professional-looking photos, but don't forget the power of words. Your descriptions should be clear, concise and — this is important ...
Book Review: eBay Performance!
If you're looking to enter the eBay fray — or you need to re-evaluate your game plan — this book by a pair of experts deserves a spot on your summer reading list.
eBay Watch: HammerTap Nails Research into ProStores
MyWorld pages get an upgrade, HammerTap integrates market research into ProStores, WebAssist offers free Skype and eBay hits the airwaves with radio ads.
Techniques for Selling Antiques and Collectibles
Our "Antiques Roadshow" expert offers the inside scoop on how to sell antiques and collectibles online.
eBay Watch: Make More Money by Maximizing Listing Copy
Fraud is down, according to eBay, Pixilive offers free image-hosting, Shipping SideKick gives scales to paying customers and we give you tips for making the most of your listing copy. Plus, Americ...
Navigating Sales Tax Laws
The last thing you need is an audit - here we outline how to figure out your sales tax requirements and provide resources for future reference.
Fraud on eBay: Causes and Cures
Understanding how scammers ply their trade is fundamental in understanding how to protect yourself and your customers. We outline how fraudsters work and provide tips for prevention.
ProStores Excels in Web Shop Services
eBay’s ProStores Business is an excellent e-commerce solution that allows small businesses to easily create Web stores and sell goods. While the service offers strong ties to eBay, it stands ...
Going International on eBay
An experienced seller gives you the scoop on how to be an overseas player in the eBay market.
eBay Tips: Combining Your Online Store With eBay
Using an eBay auction to complement an online store is a profitable strategy for many Internet merchants. Learn how to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Where Are Your Manners?
Despite a maturing process, there remains much rudeness and lack of communication on eBay. Here's how to foster good relations whether you're a buyer or seller.
Selling Books Online: Book Listing Services vs. eBay - Pt. II
In Part I, we introduced you to the world of online book selling. Today, we dive into many of the popular book listing sites.
ProStores Boosts Functionality with 6.0 Release
The eBay-owned e-commerce hosting provider introduces ProStores 6.0 with increased integration with eBay, SEO tools, enhanced inventory management capabilities, and expanded shopping-cart options.

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