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What is drop-shipping?

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Who really wants to pay for and keep excess inventory? If you don't, then think about drop-shipping, which allows you to sell an item, but have the manufacturer send the goods.

Paid Inc. Adds Drop Shipping To Its E-Commerce Lineup
Paid, Inc. has added a drop shipping feature to its AuctionInc aiSeller and ShopCart eCommerce solutions to further ease the process of calculating accurate shipping costs for online sales.
E-Commerce Techniques: Drop Shipping
Fulfilling customer orders by having the wholesaler drop ship directly to shoppers is a popular e-commerce technique. An expert talks about the issues involved. Plus: How to find wholesalers who dr...
From the Forums: Drop Shipping Confusion
An ideal way to run an e-commerce business is not paying for and storing large quantities of inventory. The problem is, most budding Web entrepreneurs don't know how to take advantage of what is ca...
No Inventory, But Lots of Customers
eBiz Profile: Outsourcing warehousing and distribution is a winning strategy for this online computer gear retailer.

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