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Marketing Your Small Business with Customer Reviews
Customer comments and testimonials make great small business marketing fodder. We asked the experts to share the best way to leverage customer feedback.
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Email Marketing: Industry Research and Trends Reports
25 email marketing facts, industry predictions and best practice advice to help small business ecommerce site owners cash in on email marketing trends.
Mobile Commerce Research for Online Retailers
We showcase the highlights from 27 research reports to help you plan your mobile commerce strategy.
Webtrends: The Other Analytics Option
The latest version from the Web-analytics pioneering company uses a more visual interface to reveal valuable data.
Does E-Commerce Rest in Mobile Hands?
ComScore says the future of online sales may depend on mobile commerce and social networking sites.
Online Ad Spend Slated for First Dip Since 2001
After years of steady increases in online advertising, analysts are adjusting their forecasts to show the first real decrease since the dot-com bust.
Survey Says: Customer Interaction Key to Online Sales
Merchandising results from the e-tailing group's 11th Annual Mystery Shopping Survey reveal that leading online store owners are optimizing features to involve their customers. We highlight which ...
Click Fraud Rate Continues to Rise
Click Forensics today released industry pay-per-click fraud figures for the fourth quarter 2008.
Online Coupons Making Holiday Shopping Merry
Recent research from Hitwise shows that Internet shoppers this year are using online coupons more than comparison shopping engines.
Online Shopping Sales Holding Steady
Early report states that online shopping figures this holiday season are on par with last year's stats. So far.
Marketing to People Who Shop Online at Work
A recent study supports what we all suspected: people shop online at work. We provide marketing tips for cashing in on the cubicle crowd.
Biggest Online Sales Day Near, Hot Google Gift Searches
One industry watcher predicts that the biggest online sales day of the year is almost here, so get ready. Plus, the most-wanted gifts on Google. Can you say, "sweater boots?"
E-Commerce: Hot Products, Online Marketing Trends
While you'd expect that the Wii and Apple iPod Touch are hot products this year, some other in-demand items may surprise you. (Note to self: Stock up on KitchenAid mixers.) Plus, see what your com...
Flailing Economy Finally Sours E-Commerce Sales
Forrester revises its growth expectations for the holiday shopping season. Gas is still playing a role, along with economy.
Search Ads: Chilly Economy's Silver Lining?
Analyst cuts projections for online ad spending, but search marketers say their segment is holding strong.
Eight Quick Tips for Boosting Conversions
Forrester Research outlines eight simple steps small online store owners can take to increase conversions. Some are as easy as testing and changing the color of your key task buttons.
Study Cites Flaws in E-tail Experience
New study finds that as customer expectations rise, online businesses neglect user experience at their own peril.
Open Source Watch: Specialty Hosts for E-tailers
Specialty hosts know the technical ins-and-outs of e-commerce, but how do you know which one is the best fit for you? We provide an in-depth comparison to help you decide.
eBiz News: Study Says Search Firms Profit from PPC Fraud
Click-fraud can increase revenues for search-engine companies, reducing their incentive to prevent it, according to a University of Southern California study.
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Facebook-for-Profit Apps Echo with Sound of Silence
Remember all those hyped e-commerce apps for Facebook? We do, but it seems no one else does. Will these take off or continue to falter? Read what our Facebook afficianado says about social network...
Tags: IT, OS
eBiz Briefs: Yahoo Improves SEM, PayPal Study Surprises
Yahoo's recent search marketing changes and a PayPal study that says prices aren't always what sway shoppers.
Tags: Yahoo
eBiz News: Click Fraud Rate Continues to Climb
Click fraud is still on the rise, jumping double-digits from last year, according to a recent study.
Tags: Yahoo
eBiz News: Security Trends for 2008
E-tailers beware: Your social networking marketing page could be under attack.
Tags: Microsoft
Trend: E-tailing Group Explains Experiential Shopping
E-tailers are increasingly using rich media, reviews, guides and suggested products to jumpstart sales, according to a study that also provides tips for getting started if you haven't already.
Trend Watch: Local Online Ad Spend Surge
With display and search leading the way, local online advertising spending will increase 82 percent in the next five years, according to a new study.

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