Mobile Commerce: Coming to Ecommerce Sites Near You

Mobile devices are about to change the way everyone shops online. Is your ecommerce site ready for the revolution? Laurie McCabe explains what you need to know…and why.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, in the past year, the company's customers around the world used mobile devices to buy more than $1 billion in products from the ecommerce giant. That's one heck of a trend, and anyone who owns a small business ecommerce site would be well advised to watch it closely.

Mobile commerce is coming, and not just to the big ecommerce shops. Small Business Computing and analyst Laurie McCabe provide what Web shop owners need to know about this mobile ecommerce revolution.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce (also known as mobile ecommerce, m-commerce and other variations) consists of two primary components. The first is the ability to use a wireless phone or other mobile device to conduct financial transactions and exchange payments over the Internet. The second is the ability to deliver information that can facilitate a transaction -- from making it easy for your business to be "found" via a mobile Web browser to creating mobile marketing campaigns such as text promotions and loyalty programs.

Why Should You Care?

Just as the Internet and ecommerce revolutionized the way we promote, market, shop for and buy goods and services, wireless devices and mobile commerce are poised to create another revolution in the world of commerce.

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