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Book Review: Titanium eBay
As the rest of the title indicates, Skip McGrath wrote the book to be a Tactical Guide to Becoming a Millionaire Power Seller. It also offers great tips for eBayers who may not have such lofty goals.
Book Review: eBay Rescue: Problem Solver
Kevin Boyd follows up his last eBay epic with another aimed at solving any and every problem for buyers and sellers. Does he deliver?
Book Review: eBay Rescue Profit Maker
Kevin W. Boyd's latest eBay how-to book aimed at helping established sellers prevail in tough times.
Book Review: eBay Business At Your Fingertips
This tome on successfully running an eBay business is a great resource for new sellers.
YouTube: Eight Ways to Market Your Small Business
Michael Miller, author of "YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business," offers tips on how to take advantage of free advertising to millions of viewers.
Book Review: Starting an eBay Business for DUMMIES
Our veteran eBay seller reviews Marsha Collier's latest tome on how to start and operate a successful eBay business.
Book Briefs: 10 Tips for Selling on eBay
Halloween is coming, so we've got a treat for you: 10 eBay business tips excerpted from the book "Tricks of the eBay Masters."
Review:The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay
This five-pound multimedia package is packed with tips for making money on eBay. Though best suited for novice auctioneers, seasoned sellers will find useful resources, too.
Book Review: eBay Performance!
If you're looking to enter the eBay fray — or you need to re-evaluate your game plan — this book by a pair of experts deserves a spot on your summer reading list.
eBiz Book Review: "Google Hacks"
A comprehensive guide to the inner workings of Google that provides information you can use to optimize your site.
Book Review: Online Business Desk Reference
Reading 'Starting an Online Business All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies' will make you one smart e-tailer.
Review: 120 Top Tips
Actinic's "Over 120 Top Tips for Running an Ecommerce Web Site" is a handy guide for both novice and veteran e-commerce entrepreneurs.
Review: "Call to Action" - Converting Searchers to Buyers
Attracting people to your Web site through optimized content or sponsored links is just the first step in an effective search marketing campaign, according to a new book by marketing gurus Bryan an...
Secret to Boosting Sales? Snap, Crackle, Innovate!
Online businesses can always learn a thing or two from Seth Godin. His latest tome urges marketers to switch emphasis from focusing on ads to their product, itself.
Search Engine Marketing, From Keyword to Conversion
Buying your way to the top of search results may seem easy, but managing an effective search engine advertising campaign requires a thoughtful approach with more than a little elbow grease.
Destination Unknown
If you knew what the hottest upcoming trends were going to be, wouldn't you refocus your business efforts accordingly? In Trendscape 2004, Michael Tchong offers up the must-know results of his annu...
Ready, Steady, Brand
By revealing the methods successful rock bands have used for decades to build up their fan base, a new book offers lessons on how small businesses can improve customer loyalty.
Branding Demystified
'Brand Aid' tackles the daunting task of making the complicated issue of branding accessible. Unfortunately, the attempt is as poorly organized as it is sound and timely.
Seducing the Hippocampus
In his book, Body of Truth, psychologist and marketer Dan Hill offers guidelines for creating emotional connections with consumers in order to help businesses tap into consumers' real needs and wants.
Separate Yourself From the Herd
Seth Godin says marketing is suffering from a dearth of good ideas. Equating the bulk of current product marketing with endless herds of ordinary cattle, Godin believes what the world needs now is ...
Strip Tease
Purporting to give the layman a peek at the cloistered world of marketing, Patrick Forsyth's Marketing Stripped Bare is yet another 'tell all' tale that turns out to be more gossipy than useful.
Den of Thieves
From the robber barons of the 1880s to the insider trading scandals of the 1980s, American industry is strewn with tales of perfidy few could have imagined. Until the next outrage comes along, tha...
Zentrepreneurial Spirit
While those seeking day-to-day marketing advice will likely be disappointed by Dragon Spirit, anyone hoping for a giant larding needle of motivation couldn't do better than to read this slim volume.
Your Marketing $ucks
Reject everything you think you know about marketing and dare to imagine something different.
Uncommon Sense
While it may seem absurdly obvious that online advertising is not the same as traditional marketing, it's astonishing how many marketers fail to grasp this simple truth. Rob Graham's new book is a ...

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