12 Tips for Selling on Kijiji & eBay Classifieds

We offer 12 tips for selling on the Kijiji and eBay Classifieds site to help sellers produce quality leads and sales on classified ad networks.

Updated on May 10, 2011

If you're unfamiliar with Kijiji, it's a free local online network for posting buy, sell, trade, jobs and other classified ads. Kijiji (pronounced "ka-gee-gee") has individual sites for specific cities in several countries including the United States and Canada. Local classifieds are a good option for online sellers who have larger items that are expensive to ship, items that are hard to sell "sight unseen" or lower-value items where listing fees can cut profits.

Kijiji & eBay Classifieds Branding

The Kijiji network is owned and operated by eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY). Since Kijiji first launched, eBay rebranded the US-based Kijiji classifieds Ad site -- now it's called eBay Classifieds. Not to be confused with the eBay Classified Ad listing format, eBay Classifieds is a separate eBay website that uses the classified ad format of buying and selling items locally. In Canada the popular online classifieds site is still called Kijiji.

Throughout this article we'll use the name "Kijiji" to refer to both sites; the Canadian-based Kijiji classifieds site as well as the US-based eBay Classifieds. Most tips are also useful for selling items on any online classified ads website.

Kijiji: An Introduction for Beginners

While some people may think of classified ads as a way to buy or sell a single item, online classified sites provide online merchants and individual sellers with another ecommerce selling channel. Kijiji is appealing for low-volume sellers because you don’t pay any listing or selling fee -- Kijiji earns revenue from advertising. Sellers feeling the crunch of fees for selling online can make local transactions without spending a dime.

Selling on Kijiji differs greatly from eBay and other online auction and buy now marketplaces. When you use Kijiji, there is no contractual agreement if someone offers to buy an item from you. Also, buyers and sellers do not have any type of protection or the means to conduct the transaction through the Kijiji site.

As the seller, you simply post your classified ad and interested buyers contact you by e-mail directly from the listing page. Transactions are all managed off-site, without intervention by Kijiji. Posting and replying to ads on the site is completely free. You can post up to 25 unique ads on Kijiji every day, with each ad staying online for 60 days.

Tips for Selling on Kijiji

For years I have been using Kijiji, instead of eBay, to sell used computers, antiques, children's items, books, and other household goods. I found that Kijiji is best suited to a local market, especially when you have have items that are too heavy and bulky to ship cheaply, such as computer towers, antiques, appliances or furniture. It's also good to sell items that are low-value and are not such a "great deal" when you have to tack on eBay auction fees and shipping charges.

Here are 12 tips for selling on Kijiji, things that I do in my own listings, to produce better quality leads and sales.

1. Register an account

Kijiji does not require you to register to post; however, with a registered account you can use a "My Kijiji" dashboard for quick access to your ads and page view information. If you plan to frequently list on Kijiji, make registering on the site your first step.

2. Keep personal details to a minimum

If you sell items from your home, think twice about adding your house address and phone number in the public ad. Instead, provide detailed contact information (at your own discretion) in private emails with interested buyers.

3. Do your research

Search Kijiji for similar items to see what categories people use and to get a better idea of current selling prices in your local area. This can also help you choose keywords to use in your title (e.g. use the keywords that are getting the most page views).

4. Use a template

Mange multiple Kijiji ads by creating a basic template, in Word or even Notepad, that you can copy-and-paste into each ad you post. The template should contain the basic information you carry over to each ad, such as contact information, pick-up and delivery details, and so on. Save each ad you list in a file on your computer for future use.

5. Send ads to top category page

On some Kijiji sites, you might get an email to let you know your listing has fallen off the first page for the category you have listed in, and an offer to "bump" your ad back to the main for a small fee. If you have a high-value item that you want to sell fast, this is an option to consider.

6. Delete and repost Kijiji Ads

You can bump the ad yourself by deleting it and reposting it as a new ad. If you have saved the ads in a template, you can put your item back on the main category page in seconds. If you ad didn't solicit any responses, try changing your title and summary when you repost to encourage buyers.

7. Don't delete pending sale ads

Kijiji sellers can save time by not deleting an ad until the item has actually sold. Don't delete the ad as soon as an e-mail comes in with a request to buy, as the person may never show up to get the item. If you leave the ad online you can go back and respond to the second and subsequent requests after a "no-show."

8. Provide viewing and pick-up details

Specify times and dates that people can view or pick-up the item, as well as delivery or local-pick-up-only details in the text of your ad. This will save you time in responding to basic email questions. This type of information should be included in your template so you can simply copy and paste the details in each new ad you post.

9. Be honest

Always be accurate and honest in your ad. The more details you provide, the less time you'll save in responding to e-mails. Be sure to upload at least one or two clear photos of the item you are selling. Kijiji allows you to include four images (up to 4MB) with each ad.

10. Add a guarantee

Like most online marketplaces, Kijiji buyers also like to feel confident about a seller before making a purchase. By adding a simple guarantee you will encourage more inquiries and more sales. With used electronics, for example, offer a 7-day guarantee against hardware failure (or free replacement).

11. Use a dedicated email address for your Kijiji business

Set up a dedicated e-mail address just for Kijiji to help you to better monitor incoming emails so you can get replies out to interested buyers before they move on to another listing.

12. Monitor Kijiji sales

If you are porting an existing business to Kijiji and you sell multiples of similar items, track your best listing and selling days. Over time you will see a pattern emerge that will help you determine what days are best for having your item on page one in any given category.

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