E-commerce Content: Be Ready for Any Holiday

Investing a little time now in your holiday e-commerce content can attract visitors to your Web shop all year long.

No one loves holidays more than the retail industry -- after all, any occasion is good for sales. People like to buy presents for family and friends, and they also like to invest in decorating and readying their homes for these special days.

Regardless of how big or how small your online Web shop is, you can cash in on the consumer’s love of holiday celebration by adding relevant and creative e-commerce content to your site, and leaving it online all year long.

Getting Started with Holiday E-commerce Content

The first thing to do is to compile a list of holidays and special occasions. This should go well beyond the big ones, like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Don't forget Easter, St. Patrick's Day, New Years and all the different federal holidays plus the nationally recognized days like Valentine's and Earth Day.

Then you want to work on content for special occasions, including birthday, back-to-school, Cyber Monday, and so on.  You can start by choosing a few to get the ball rolling, and then add more holiday content over time.

Holiday E-commerce Content Helps SEO Efforts

There are two main reasons to create this type of e-commerce content. First, it will help shoppers find special-occasion and holiday products on your site from a relevant Web page. Second, the search engines will index these pages, which will improve SEO, boost traffic and convert visitors into customers.

When you have the e-commerce content written, your holiday page URL will not change. Each year as the holiday approaches you can put a link to the content from your main page and give the content a bit of a freshening up. This will give you a Web shop that is holiday-ready for any occasion, 365-days a year.

Start with a basic template that matches your Web site design and layout. Use good titles and meta tags that include the holiday name and your own keywords.  Your holiday content pages should contain product descriptions and images for gift-giving ideas and for any product you stock that could be used to decorate or prepare for the occasion.  Be sure to use our write better product descriptions guide when you write holiday-themed product description for these special pages.

Other Content to Include on a Holiday Page

Holiday content is more like creating a good "landing page" or portal page to your Web shop than designing a product page. It will appeal to consumers who are searching for special occasion gifts and an entire segment of consumers who are searching for knowledge.  These pages can label you as an expert when you write excellent knowledge-based e-commerce content and include it with your sales pitch.

To create really effective holiday e-commerce content, you need to offer a mix of sales and knowledge on each individual holiday page. For example, if you sell cookware, showcase related product images and descriptions, then write an article on how to prepare the perfect turkey on your Thanksgiving page or offer 10 tips on how to prepare a meal for a large guest list.

The knowledge portion of your e-commerce content is going to be the key to getting these pages found by consumers searching for general help, hints and tips. Just make sure the knowledge you offer relates directly to your product and area of expertise.

Dress up the special content pages with a few headline colors that are typically associated with the holiday, and add one or two elegant clip-art images to offer an eye-pleasing and pertinent page design.  Keep it nice and tidy, keep it relevant to your business, and be sure to work in your keywords.

How to Display Holiday Content on Your Web Shop

Of course, you don’t want to link the Valentine’s Day page on your main Web shop page in November, so create a sub-section to hold all these special e-commerce content pages, and use a main holiday/occasion page that links to each individual page by the holiday name.

On your main Web shop page, simply add a new navigation link to “Special Occasions” or to “Holiday Shopping Guides.”  Come up with a few brief descriptions and use Google Trends to help you narrow down your navigation phrase.  You should also Google the phrase you decide on to see how much competition you will have to get your main Holiday link page in the first page of search results.

The Benefit to having Holiday E-commerce Content All Year Long

People search all year long for tips and knowledge on topics that can be associated with a holiday or special occasion -- not just in the week leading up to that special day.  Not only will this type of e-commerce content showcase your store’s relevant products, but you will reap the benefits from providing expert advice with your knowledge-based articles and tips.

Relating the content to a holiday or special occasion gives you a believable reason to have that content on your site, and it also saves you from needing to design multiple holiday-specific pages each year.

You can expect these pages -- provided you use good SEO tactics -- to be the incoming link to your site for a decent portion of your search engine traffic. Be sure to include a good call-to-action statement and plenty of links to your main Web shop page and also to other related product categories from each holiday content page you create.

Trustworthy and useful content will encourage consumers to bookmark these pages, peruse your Web site and eventually come back when they go online to shop.

More Resources for Holiday E-commerce Content

Vangie Beal is a veteran online seller and frequent contributor to ECommerce-Guide.com. She is also managing editor of Webopedia.com. You can tweet with her online @AuroraGG.

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