15 More Twitter Tools for Small Business Marketing

From segmenting Twitter searches by negative or positive tweets to desktop applications and tracking trends, these 15 Twitter tools will help make Tweeting easy.

As follow up to our recent 25 Twitter Tools to Make Tweeting Easier, Faster, this week we look at a different set of 15 Twitter tools that will help you to further take advantage of using Twitter as a small business marketing tool.

If you have integrated Twitter into your small business marketing plan, it's helpful to invest the time to find the right tools to integrate Twitter into your existing social marketing practices. The following list of desktop and Web-based tools will help make using Twitter an easier and faster process for you.

5 Twitter Desktop Applications

Use these free, downloadable desktop applications to expand on the Twitter service features.  Many Twitter desktop applications and clients offer options for updating multiple social network accounts.

1.  Destroy Twitter: a lightweight Twitter desktop client that lets you manage your Twitter account plus filter users, keywords and more. Destroy Twitter works on Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

2.  Digsby: an instant messaging (IM), email notification and social networking application available for Windows PCs. The IM client supports Twitter and alerts you of events like new messages, and it provides a live news feed.

3.  Seemic: a desktop Twitter tool that supports unlimited Twitter accounts and also offers Facebook integration. Seemic is available as a Web-based browser app, a mobile app or as a desktop client.

4.  TweetDeck: this Twitter tool is designed for mobile and desktop users looking to manage Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz and more.

5.  Tweetie for Mac: lets you better manage your Twitter account using features like compose, bookmark, search and more. Tweetie is free to download (ad-supported) or you can pay $19.95 to remove the ads.

5 Twitter Search Tools

These twitter search tools will help you wade through the Twitter chatter to find out what Twitter users are saying about you, your brand or your company.

6.  Icerocket: a social media search tool that provides results from Twitter, MySpace, blogs and the Web.  Twitter results are hyperlinked to the user's main Twitter profile page.

7.  ReSearch.ly: a Twitter search tool designed to help businesses and marketers find the Twitter users that matter most to them. You can search tweets around specified keywords and filter results to show tweets from followers. You can also segment tweets by gender or by positive or negative tweets.

8.  Twazzup: an online Twitter search tool to help you find news and trending topics on Twitter. The service is useful for filtering news tweets out of general chatter.

9.  Tweefind: this Twitter search tool sorts search results by user rank. Tweefind search results hyperlink the sender’s username.

10.  Tweetzi: a Web-based Twitter search tool that offers a unique "play" button that lets you see new tweets for your search query as they happen.

5 Twitter Tools to Enhance Updates

The following five tools will help small business marketers update across multiple platforms, including Facebook and your business blog.

11.  Blackbird Pie: embed tweets into websites or blog posts instead of copying and pasting tweets or taking screenshots.

12.  Footfeed: a mobile geo-location aggregator network that you can use to check multiple social accounts and Web services simultaneously. Offers support for Brightkite, Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook -- with Twitter, Google Latitude and Whrrl integration expected to be included soon.

13.  LoudTwitter: a Twitter tool that allows you to display Twitter updates on a blog.

14.  Smart Twitter: this Facebook application updates your Facebook status from your Twitter status making it easy to manage both social networks with one tool.

15.  TwentyFeet: offers aggregated statistics in one place for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, bit.ly and more. Facebook and Twitter accounts are free, while additional account integration will cost you $2.49.

Looking for more Twitter Tools? Check out our list of 25 Twitter Tools to Make Tweeting Easier, Faster to learn about Twitter URL shortening services and Twitter Website tools. 

Feel free to add any Twitter tools that you think should be on this list to the comments section below.

Vangie Beal is a veteran online seller and frequent contributor to ECommerce-Guide.com. She is also managing editor of Webopedia.com. You can tweet with her online @AuroraGG.

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