3 Apps to Boost Your Facebook Business Page

We look at three Facebook Apps and services that can help you add a little visual oomph to your Page and make it more appealing to your customers and fans.

When you create a Facebook Business Page or Fan Page for your ecommerce business, one challenge you might have is figuring out how to create something that isn’t a static, basic Facebook Page.  

Other than the text descriptions you add, your Facebook Business Page, without any extra work, is going to look the same as many other Pages on this popular social networking site. Just having a Page on Facebook doesn’t mean it will automatically appeal to consumers.

The best way to get noticed and to have people make use of the "Like" button on your Page is to have a professional developer design your Facebook page and work with your business to create Facebook-friendly photos, video and other assets.  This will help highlight what your business has to offer and also make your Facebook page an appealing destination for your customers.

Of course, that project will cost money and take time. If your small business or ecommerce business is lacking in either of those departments, then the following three Web apps and services can help you bring your business to Facebook with a little style.

1. Design and Customize Your Facebook Fan Page with Pagemodo

Pagemodo is a free Web tool that can help you create an interesting and unique look for your Facebook Fan Page.  Pagemodo lets you choose a pre-designed template and then customize it to your business by uploading your own images, video and text.  For example, you can edit a basic template to highlight some of your new Web store products to show your fans what’s new.  The resulting page is quite different and more visually attractive than what most small businesses will be able to create on Facebook without design and development assistance.

To try Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder -- you can register for free -- add the application on your Facebook profile, which gives you access to one active page that you can install on Facebook with a Pagemodo-branded footer. Small business owners can opt-in for $6.25 per month to have three active pages and drop the branded footer.

Additional plans to add video, personal branding, support and Google analytics are also available (see all pricing plans). To see how other people have used Pagemodo, you can have a look at some of their customer's Facebook pages in the Pagemodo Showroom.

2. Bring your Ecommerce Blog to Facebook with NetworkedBlogs

One way to keep Facebook users coming back to your business Page is to provide new and interesting content. Long before Facebook, many businesses used blogs as a way to provide new content to customers and site visitors. You can (and should) bring your blog to Facebook, too.

There are a number of Facebook applications that will send your blog posts to your Wall, but one of the best apps to use is NetworkedBlogs -- and currently more than 1.5M Facebook users agree.

The NetworkedBlogs app can be used on both personal and Business Facebook pages to import your blog feed, add a visual blogroll to your profile, offer a directory of blogs organized by topic and also let people read news and vote for articles they like.

3. Add Ecommerce and Business Promotions to Your Page

Promotions are currently all the rage on Facebook. Even television and paper ads promote a corporation's Facebook page where consumers simply click 'Like and get a coupon, discount or other promotional incentive. 

The size of your business is irrelevant in this case because consumers like promotions, and you can offer a Facebook incentive that is relevant and scaled to your own ecommerce business. Wildfire is one company that can help you bring promotional campaigns to Facebook.

The Wildfire Promotion Builder is a Web tool that lets business owners and marketers create unique branded campaigns including sweepstakes, contests and incentive-based surveys -- and simultaneously publish them in multiple social networks and on your business website.

Basic pricing to run a social media promotional campaign using Wildfire Promotion Builder starts at $5 per campaign plus a 99-cent fee each day the promo runs. Additional plans that offer more features, including analytics and customization are also available (see all pricing plans).

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