5 Social Media Tools to Track Ecommerce Marketing Efforts

Are you connecting with customers? This list of five social media tools for Facebook and Twitter will help you see the results of your social media marketing efforts.

5 Useful Social Media Tools for Ecommerce Site Owners

In Internet marketing, using social media services like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to help you talk about your ecommerce business and connect with your customers. However, it can be difficult for small business ecommerce-site owners to determine whether anyone is noticing their social marketing efforts. The following social media tools will help you get started on the right path to tracking your social media success.

1.  Social Media Management with Argyle Social

Argyle Social is a social media marketing dashboard that lets you view publishing, engagement and social analytics. From this single platform, you can manage all your accounts and passwords, publish to a number of popular social sites, create custom short URLs, and even create follow-up posts and schedule them around initial posts.

To track success, Argyle Social provides you with a social stream that monitors all conversation around each one of your social properties, including retweets, mentions, likes and so on. The conversations are stored in an inbox so you can take action when someone communicates with (or about) you. Argyle Social also provides you with analytical data so you can easily track Twitter Follower counts, Facebook fan counts, engagement tracking from a URL shortener and conversion metrics from Web analytics.

2.  Ice Rocket: The Social Search Engine

IceRocket is a search engine that lets you search Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news and images for any phrase. Using this free online service you can search for your Tweets, your brand, or your company or product name. When you choose to search Twitter results you will see who tweeted the message, how many followers that person has and how long ago the tweet took place.  The Blog search will allow you to narrow down results by day, week or month. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed based on your search query.

3. Sysomos Offers Business Intelligence for Social Media

Sysomos tools helps you listen in on social conversations from blogs, social networks and micro-blogging services to forums, video sites and media sources. You can access metrics to measure and track campaigns in real-time, and identify the conversations and influencers to build your social relationships.

Sysomos offers a number of social media products including Sysomos MAP to effectively listen, measure, understand and engage; Sysomos Audience to measure your social media ROI; and Facebook Page Central a professional tool to manage Facebook Fan Pages.

4. Discover How Far Your Tweets Go with TweetReach

TweetReach is a social analytics tool that helps businesses measure the impact of social media conversations. Using TweetReach you can discover how many users received your tweets, how far your message has traveled, and who is influencing the conversation about your brand or product.

From the search box on the TweetReach main page you simply enter a search term (e.g. a URL, your company name or a phrases you tweeted etc.) to view the reach and exposure data for those tweets. The free version will search a maximum of 50 tweets. In the search results you can click the Twitter name of a person who tweeted your search query to view their Twitter profile and follow.

5. TwentyFeet Offers Social Aggregation

TwentyFeet is a social media service that will aggregate your social statistics from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, bit.ly, Google Analytics and Myspace in one convenient location. You can use TwentyFeet to compare your metrics from different social services, see how your key performance indicators develop over time, and if the service notices any change in metrics -- you'll automatically be notified.

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