Free Customer-tracking App Shows Live Web Shop Customer Data

The new Lexity Live app helps even the smallest of online retail shop owners learn more about customers as they browse your online store.

For a very small Web store, every customer counts.  The more you learn about the people visiting your online store, such as the pages they view, what items they look at and how they find your online store the better. They're all metrics that can help you grow your business.

A New Customer data Tool for Online Shop Owners

The free Lexity Live app is a handy tool for small and medium-sized businesses with an online store.  Most free analytics programs will show you yesterday's customers in terms of numbers, but Lexity provides you with a keen view of who is browsing and shopping on your site, right now.

"Small businesses -- and we're talking even the real small businesses who have just set up their first store -- have an idea of the customer they want to attract, but when it comes to online marketing they get lost, especially when it comes to search marketing, social advertising," said Amit Kumar, CEO of Lexity. “Our new Lexity Live app enables online retailers to watch and understand their customer’s shopping patterns and ultimately help them market their wares better.

Let's say you decide to run a small promotion and, because you don't know which social site will work the best, you send a link out to your Facebook fans, to your customers on Twitter and you also post in your blog.

Using Lexity Live, you can see who is currently on your site and the site URL he came from, letting you track which social site sent more visitors. After landing, you can then view live customer data to see what pages the customer is looking at and how long he stays on each page.

Lexity provides you with this key data -- real-time activity, detailed tracking and individual customer data -- in a visual format that's easy for small ecommerce business owners to understand.  It's a simple dashboard that highlights shoppers on-site now (in green) and within the past hour (in white). You can also click individual customer icons for an in-depth look at their most recent shopper activity by customer type: those who are browsing, thinking or buying.

Lexity Live presents the data in such a way that any small web shop owner, regardless of previous marketing and analytics experience, can obtain simple but useful customer information, in real-time without needing to crunch numbers on their own.

More Online Marketing Services for Small Online Retail Shops

The Lexity Live app is free to online retailers via, a company that provides simple, affordable and effective online advertising for ecommerce merchants. Other services (not free) that are designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with marketing campaigns include options for things like search marketing, retargeting, shopping engine submission and Facebook ads.

These additional advertising services also focus on "being simple."  When it comes to search marketing for example, small businesses don't have to research or even choose keywords. Through a series of basic business questions asked by Lexity (e.g. do you want to advertise broadly or target customers who came to the store and left without buying), the marketing campaign is created in an automated fashion for you.  Ecommerce owners have the option to choose to review the ads and keywords and make suggestions and alternations, but only if they want to. 

"We automatically set up campaigns for the customer; they don't have to log in to Google Ad words, for example.  We take care of everything -- generate keywords, generate ads, optimize for conversions and all the things that need to be done," said Kumar.

Lexity and Live App Pricing for Small Businesses

The paid services pricing starts at $20 per month, and the final cost depends on the advertising budget you want to spend on your search marketing or retargeting campaign. For these services you pay the ad budget and a fifteen percent fee to Lexity for providing the service. No monthly contract is required, and you can use the services on an as-needed basis.

It's important to note that the Lexity Live app is free, and you don't have to be a subscriber to the marketing services to use it.

Offering the fully-featured app to track Web shop visitors for free is basically a way for Lexity to build its brand and reputation in the small and medium-sized business market. If Web shop owners like the app and use it, it builds trust and will encourage the business owner to consider for other small business marketing services.

Using Lexity Live requires online store owners to provide information, including the store URL. Then it's simply a matter of copying and pasting the app code to your site to start viewing your Web shop customers in real-time.

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