How to Boost Sales by Marketing to Different Personality Types

The Quant Method offers e-business owners a new way to build trust and break down a consumer's resistance to buy.

According to my personal survey results from The Quant Method (TQM), I'm a diplomat personality: I'm sympathetic, friendly, helpful and open. I'm also introspective, warm, altruistic and positive. As a charismatic, creative and imaginative person, TQM says I would do well in a leadership role.

Now, an individual's personality traits might not mean much to you, unless they happen to be on your retail website looking to make a purchase or on your email marketing list.

If this were the case, your best sales tactic would be show me (and all diplomat personalities) social proof or testimonials in small bites and also provide your personal assurances and a rock-solid guarantee.  You'd also need to go easy in your marketing messages. According to TQM, a "hard sell" leaves a diplomat personality type feeling uncomfortable and threatened -- making it less likely they will buy from you.

"People want to do business with companies who are most like themselves," said Trish Wend, a mastermind personality type who manages marketing, social media and PR strategy at TQM. "If the person getting an email from a company is a very task-driven person and the email has a lot of details, they won't read it."

What Exactly is The Quant Method?

In development for more than two years and currently in beta, The Quant Method is a behavioral marketing strategy that claims to "create chemistry between clients and their customers" and influence people through their personality type.

In a nutshell that's the theory behind The Quant Method. Businesses can learn their customers' personality types and then tailor communications to build trust and break down a consumer's resistance to buy.

Wend says that TQM helps businesses speak to customers in their own language. TQM surveys prospect and customer lists with a brief series of questions and use proprietary technology to identify their personality types so you can optimize sales messages to target each type.

The Four TQM Personality Types

According to TQM there are four main types of personalities. Each type thinks and feels differently and each type processes information differently, especially when making a buying decision.

Thinker:  Thinkers likes facts, details, and proven examples, and they are highly organized.  The Thinker personality is careful and conservative. They are unlikely to make snap decisions and will need to be fully convinced of your credibility and competence before they will buy.

Mastermind: Masterminds are characterized by a more assertive approach to business. They tend to be fast-paced, results-oriented, and they get right to the point. They are efficient, logical and task-oriented. Sell trust and value and anchor the pricing realistically. Because this personality type is quick to reach a decision, it is imperative that you make a good first impression.

Olympian: The Olympian personality type is characterized by an expressive, aggressive approach to business, and aspires to great heights because everything is possible. Because this personality can become bored, maintain their interest by explaining how your offer affects them directly and personally. Olympian personalities crave excitement and energy and are unlikely to be convinced by a soft sell. Be expressive; they love it.

Diplomats: Diplomats are friendly, compassionate, "feeling" people that desire to contribute goodness to the lives of others.  Of the four personality types, the Diplomat ranks third to buy. Show empathy and give them rock solid guarantees. They are counting on you.

How to Integrate the Quant Method in Your Ecommerce Business

The Quant Method is especially useful when you have a longer, ongoing relationship with a client.  For service-based businesses where you might develop a more personal relationship with a customer (e.g. online service booking, legal or real estate firms) this kind of in-depth detail can help you to better communicate with clients.

For online retail sites, knowing more about personality types can help you to provide content in emails and on webpages that will appeal to different types of consumers. For example, a short testimonial sentence which links to a more in-depth testimonial beside a quick bullet point list gives different personalities options to quickly see and access what they need to make the buying decision.

Wend also says that TQM is a great tool for email marketing. In marketing you can use personality types as a metric to segment your lists. Use the more common metrics like demographics or age to create personality-specific, highly-targeted messages that speak to each personality type.

Once you determine the personality types of customers on your lists you can optimize email messages and websites to include specific landing pages with information that the four different personality types like in order increase conversion rates.

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Vangie Beal has spent the last decade contributing featured articles and reviews to more than 20 technology-focused publications, including Webopedia and Ecommerce-Guide. You can tweet with her online @AuroraGG.

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