VeriShow Gives Facebook Customer Service Chat Capability

The VeriShow platform is an affordable way for small business ecommerce site owners to provide live support to Facebook customers.

Ecommerce business owners are increasingly turning to Facebook to better the lines of communication with its customers. Some use it for promotions and marketing while others use a Facebook Business Page to make a personal connection, which can lead to improved customer loyalty.

A couple weeks ago I looked at using Facebook for customer support (see "7 Tips to Manage Customer Service on Facebook") and offered tips on how to effectively communicate with customers who post to your Facebook Wall.

One growing ecommerce trend is going beyond general customer conversations on a Facebook Wall and actually using Facebook as a customer support tool – much in the same way you would use live chat support on your website.

To extend Facebook communication in to a traceable customer support channel, small business owners will need to invest in the right tools because this will require a bit more than checking your Facebook Wall and inbox for new messages.

The Benefit of Live Customer Support on Facebook
Yuval H. Moed, co-founder and CEO, HBR Labs, which develops
VeriShow, a live support and collaboration SaaS platform, said that Facebook can be a powerful tool for customer interactions.

The VeriShow platform is designed to allow customers to communicate with a business using live chat, and agents can escalate the interaction to share images, documents, videos and desktop screens with the customer. HBR Labs recently extended its VeriShow platform to Facebook, allowing a business to provide live customer support directly from a Facebook Business Page.

How it works is simple; once you register your business for a VeriShow account, you add the application to your Facebook page and a "Live Help" button will be displayed to your Facebook customers. Clicking the button will let customers chat, talk and see content you or your agents share with them in real time – with no download or installation required by the agent or customer.

“We provide the company with the ways to add the Call Button to their site or Page and when the customer clicks it, the platform will instantaneously launch on the agent side, and the customer can start the communication immediately,” said Moed.

For ecommerce site owners the platform is commonly use to answer questions about products and services but there is also the capability for agents to initiate the session by sending the customer an email with a link. All the features and functionality of the VeriShow platform are available in the Facebook integration.  

Is Facebook Support Different than Other Channels?

When using Facebook to provide customer support, the agent’s role will stay the same as it does on any channel (e.g. phone or live chat on-site).

Moed said that regardless of how the contact is initiated, your agent still has to be trained and well-versed on the product and services they represent.

The difference is that Facebook, by nature of social networking, is already an interactive platform and you are already engaged with the customer and the agent’s response needs to be knowledgeable and immediate.

“Facebook is another communication avenue and it’s effective,” said Moed. “Companies can use this to encourage customers to come to the Facebook Page for support, thereby giving your Facebook interactions a business meaning. “

VeriShow Pricing and Availability
VeriShow offers a number of packages suited to businesses of all sizes. Plans start at $49 per month (per operator) for very small businesses to $69 per month – suitable for most small businesses up to $89 per month for larger businesses.

Functionality between the different plans is standard (e.g. live chat, video conferencing, mobile session participation, business apps and other features) but each plan does vary in terms of the amount of file storage space, teleconferencing minutes and VeriShow support options. All plans offer a free 14-day trial.

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