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Review:'s Free Program for eBay Sellers offers a free program for eBay sellers -- you just pay for printed postage and insurance. The software is easy to use and offers ample opportunity to automate many tasks for creating sh...
Website Design: 5 Tips to Improve Customer Experience
When it comes to making it easy for people to shop on your small business ecommerce site, the little things matter. Helen Bradley shows you five website design tips to improve your customers' expe...
Amazon Q2 Profits Spike but Wall Street Wants More
Ecommerce giant turns in a profitable quarter with a 45 percent surge in net income, but misses analysts' estimates.
eBay Earnings Top Expectations With Help From PayPal
eBay's payment unit, PayPal, has a record quarter as the ecommerce colossus continues its turnaround.
10 Tips for Better Ecommerce CRM Through Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…it's all about connecting with your customers and cultivating strong relationships. Business owners just like you share their top tips for CRM success.
Going Global with Your Ecommerce Business
From understanding your international consumers to automating ecommerce processes, we talk to industry experts to find out what challenges small businesses face when going global.
Ecommerce Marketing: Best EBay Auction Length?
Our eBay and small business marketing expert offers his take on how long you should run an auction on eBay, shares a free market research site and shows how you can adopt a marketing lesson from V...
Your Guide to Ecommerce Marketing
From communicating with customers in your email newsletter to making sure your brand can be found on Facebook, we look at four different ecommerce marketing trends for your business.
Facebook Improves Permissions-Based Privacy
Responding to public pressure to let users control their personal information, Facebook offers a new permissions box that will appear every time anyone installs a new application.
Ecommerce Marketing: Domain Name Tips
Choice tips on domain names, online video conversion software and a great marketing lesson from Toyota are all on tap right here -- courtesy of maverick marketer, Andrew Lock.
Ecommerce Marketing: 10 Email Marketing Tips
These 10 tips can help your ecommerce marketing efforts pay off by engaging customers and improving participation and sales.
Twitter Tips to Boost Small Business Marketing
We take you step-by-step through the process of maximizing your 140-charcter small business marketing messages on Twitter.
Marketing Apps and More from Constant Contact
Looking for software to solve a problem? A new online application marketplace caters to small business and ecommerce owners with one to nine employees.
20 Free and Low-Cost EBay Tools for Sellers
This eBay tools guide offers details on 20 different free and low-cost eBay tools for sellers. You can use these eBay tools to manage, edit, enhance or add interactive features to your listings.
Reward Ecommerce Customers with Loyalty Programs
A customer loyalty rewards program can help your small business ecommerce site acquire and retain loyal customers. We offer tips and advice to get you started with a rewards program of your own.
A Buyer's Guide to Remarketing Services
In this guide, we'll explore different types of remarketing services, learn how remarketing services can turn a shopping cart abandoner in to a paying customer, and offer tips on how to find a rem...
ProPay Adds Encryption to ACH Transactions
Using encryption and tokens in its ProtectPay services, ProPay aims to make electronic ACH transactions safer for small business merchants.
Ecommerce Marketing: Tips for Writing an EBook
Let your customers know you are the expert by offering a free eBook. This week, we offer ecommerce marketing tips for writing and distributing your own eBook.
Ecommerce Marketing: Failed Customer Service
Another run-in with bad customer service shows how some companies – even the giant ones – just don’t get how good customer service is one of the best kinds of free marketing.
How to Optimize an Ecommerce Press Release
Incorporating small business SEO strategies into your company press releases extends the life of your news, makes it easier for journalists to find and drives potential business to your Web site.
Free Web Tools: Copywriters for Hire
An online service that lets you outsource your copywriting needs to professionals, a way to easily download popular software to your new PC and finally…an online exchange for gift cards.
Customer Service Options for Small Web Shops
Managing a small ecommerce business is time consuming, but dedicating time to provide customer support is crucial. We outline different communication methods for providing customer support.
Emarketing News: Google Redesigns Results Page
The results page redesign intends to make it easier for people to find what they're looking for, which is good news for ecommerce merchants.
Ecommerce Content: Writing a Good Privacy Policy
There are a number of ways that a small business can obtain a privacy policy for its website. If you choose the “in-house method”, we offer eight tips to get you started.
Build a Small Business Ecommerce Site with�Intuit
If you're looking to get into the ecommerce business, Intuit wants you to know about its website design and management options.

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