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Study Says to SMBS: You Don't Know Security
A study shows that while most SMBs worry about small business computer security, they have no idea how to prevent it or how to protect themselves from bank fraud and identity theft.
eBay Profits Leap as Payments, Online Sales Grow
Strong performance of its payments division pays off for eBay and gives insight into the state of the ecommerce industry as a whole.
Looking to Place a Free Classified Ad? Try This List.
Our Free Classified Ads list offers details on five popular online classified ad marketplaces. All are free to place a general buy, sell or trade classified ad in common categories.
Ecommerce Design: A Graphics Software Guide
Every ecommerce website needs at least one graphics software package. Our guide will help you pick the right one for your needs and budget.
Online Advertisers Start Spending Again
A survey shows the big online advertisers are big spenders again. And this bodes well for small Web shops, too.
SEO Web Tool: Learn to Use Google Analytics
A free Web marketing resource shows you how to make the most of Google Analytics, plus stock video footage you can actually afford and a free emarketing tool to find keywords.
Google Invests in Mobile Search
Google's recent acquisition of Plink signals the company's growing interest in all things mobile. Is visual search a trend for ecommerce owners to watch?
SEO Guide: How to Hire a Good SEO Company
With more than 20 million Google results for "SEO Company," finding a good SEO company can be overwhelming. This SEO guide offers advice on what to look for when hiring an expert for your small bu...
Unified Communications Boost the Bottom Line
Tying all of your various channels of communication together makes running your small business ecommerce site -- from anywhere -- easier and more effective.
Ecommerce Entrepreneur: Business-Building Strategies
Three successful entrepreneurs discuss ways to build your business, increase productivity and make money on social media.
How (and Why) to Copyright Your Web Images
Helen Bradley explains the basics of protecting your ecommerce product photos on the Web.
SeeWhy Adds Social Media Remarketing Tool
SeeWhy has launched Conversion Manager, an automated Web analytics service that can optimize an ecommerce retailer’s conversion rates by remarketing with e-mail and social media.
CoreCommerce Adds Free Mobile Shops to Platform
The popular storefront e-commerce platform offers free mobile-optimized Web shops in its newest version, CoreCommerce 7.7.
Mobilize Your Ecommerce Web Site
The most important mobile marketing tool you can have is an ecommerce site that's optimized for mobile devices. Why risk losing out on potentially thousands of mobile customers and sales?
Buyers' Guide: Choosing a Payment Gateway Provider
From chargeback fees to PCI-compliance issues, this ecommerce buyers' guide will tell you everything you need to know to select a payment gateway service provider.
Ecommerce Design: Save Money on Stock Photos
Andrew Lock's latest webisode features a new photo site could save you a bundle, affordable services to help you transfer and store large files and restaurant chain's marketing tip that you can ap...
A Guide to Small Business Marketing
In this do-it-yourself guide, we look at five types of marketing strategies that any frugal ecommerce owner can use to grow a business.
The Positive Side of Negative Product Reviews
From educating customers to making more informed purchase decisions to guiding your own product development; negative product reviews aren't really all that negative.
E-mailed With Love: Valentine's Day Marketing Tips
E-mail marketing expert Wendy Lowe offers 12 hot tips to roll out a successful Valentine’s Day e-mail marketing campaign — even if you haven’t planned anything yet.
BoldChat Basic Offers Pro Chat for Small Businesses
The recently enhanced live chat solution lets you invite site visitors to chat in encrypted windows and stores your chat history. Plus it won’t break a small biz budget.
SocialTwist Offers Social Holiday Referral Rewards
SocialTwist’s widget lets online retailers combine social media and quality word-of-mouth marketing with a rewards plan to further encourage shoppers to spread the word about your products.
How To: E-mail Mailing Lists 101
Helen Bradley explains why an e-mail mailing list is a must-have for your online store.

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